Mortification (AUS)

10 Years Live Not Dead tracks



Signing the paper of death
They say I could be dead
Cry out for his mercy
His healing power to live
There I sit in the black room
Signing the paper of death
Drugs and radiation
Will destroy my blood
Except for a miracle
I will die a hideous painful death
As I await the box of wax
They prepare to flick the switch
Radiation shreds my blood
Drugs rot my body
Donation cells are given
To restore my state
Kneel in my bed, dripping with blood
The treatment has taken it's toll
Demons round me laughing
As the pain of hate fills my bones
Suddenly a figure in white
Ten foot tan from God
Spreads his wings, sword in hand
Chope those demons down
Slime and gore oozes the floor
As they all lie dead
As the months grow longer
Satan plans his next attack
Broken down with many disease
Feel I'm about to die, rotting bones in pain
Suddenly a break through, the power of Jesus name
Brought back from the dead I come
Now to proclaim his ways
No devil stomps on God's child and ever gets away
Dead man walking
Satan still stalking
Don't try again you loser
I will live forever


Ripped off by the the fears of your mind
Buried without release
Christ's love brings healing
False fear erased

Battle of the flesh to overcome your fear
Believe in release, face your fears and win

Unfulfilled in the call of your life
No faith in your cause
Believing the lie that you are nought
Can you ever succeed


Buried into obscurity

Hold your faith power, push your fear down

Beating the fears with your faith
Lifting the holy cause
God can surely use your life
when you're bold in heart


Raised into eternity
Hold your faith power, push your fear down

Ripped off by the the fears of your mind
Buried without release
Christ's love brings healing
False fear erased



[Part 1. Lymphosarcoma]

Kills immunity
Rapes the blood and bone of humanity
Being a living corpse
Grey and scaly skin
Haunted human ghost

God extracted you
Never to return

[Part 2. The Destroyer Beholds]

Disease in your life rots your soul
Wretched hindrance to your growth in God
Recycle countless sin, bondage brings
Wretched hindrance to your growth in God

Look at the young man
Look at his face
What is the reason for this change
Revival in his heart
Causes havoc for the devil

The destroyer beholds

The destroyer beholds

Your faith infested by the flesh
Backslidden in your heart you have no time for God
You don't read the word, what's your case
Backslidden in your heart you have no time for God

[Part 3. Distarnished Priest]

Distarnish Priest
Distarnish Priest
I'm clean, washed in blood
Sanctified inside out
Oh I'm dead to Satan's grasp
Justified by the cross

Vertical convulsion, striven force
Grasp desired service
Hideous onslaught attacks the mind
Vicious intent prevails

Serve your God
Your time will come

Guard your heart, bow before God
Sack cloth and ashes repentance
Radical conversion, zeal of love
Put faith in actions

[Part 4. Love Song]

Thinking about my life so far
Wondering what will be
I need a life that sets my spirit free
So many choises in the world today
How will I survive
So many people let their spirits die

Living within your guidence
Your ways help me survive
When my mind is with you I'm alive
You are the life within me
Resisting the ways of hate
I pledge to you resistance will never die

Love song
This is it

Don't be consumed by the moment eternal life denied
You cannot fill the void without the fire
Wanting to see the world today
Striving for the prize
Second best is not what you desire

Love song
This is it
Love song
This is it


Die for your faith,
Die for your faith,
Die for your faith,
Die for what you believe in

Small group in Cambodia,
Gather in the mud brick room,
Teachers shares The Word,
Then they kneed and pray,
Communist soldiers storm the door,
Throw the Bible to the floor,
Spit upon this book or you will breath your last
One by one they spit and cry
They're in fear of their lives
A young girl wipes her Jesus dry
Shot in the head she dies.


Evil man killing the christians
Satan gives him the false abuse,
But as he reads The Bible truth,
He converst to the Christian Faith,
Taken to the evil leaders, he is a disgrace
Thrown into a slime filled pit,
Eaten by rats for his new Faith.


Preaching man in china,
Taken from hias family home,
Thrown into a prison cell,
For no criminal reason,
Rotting and tortured in his fate,
He will not deny his Faith,
He knows the truth of Christian ways,
No brutal force will make him change.



Fascination with the stars
Consequences of the crystal factor
Answers to life are far
Looking for hope in all the wrong places

Destined to die, lost in lies, fated
Hating your life, answers none taken

Transcendental meditation
Separation to the new age
Satan has bound your mind
The angel of light transfixion

Destined to die, lost in lies, fated
Hating your life, answers none taken

And there'll be peace in the galaxy
when people trust the truth in Christianity, Sanctity


Situation of change
You must arise and forsake
Satanic lies of today
Arise and embrace the glory

Destined for life, found in Christ, salvation
Loving your life, answers all taken

[Chorus] (x2)


Hammer of God, Crushing the gates of evil
Reigning in Glory, Satan bows to The Word
Fire, burning, swords, blazing,
Hate, dying, Glory, Raised.

Heads held high, reflecting God shining
Now the Hammer has fallen
Evil lies, on the anvil
Sparks are flying, as the Hammer smashing blow.


See the sky, streams of Light breaking forth
Darkness cracked, as the candle shines
Raised with force, the Hammer will prevail
Christian ways victorious, fill us with Your praise.


We are light, spreading Gospel Truth
You just might listen to our ways
Now be converted, feel the blessed heart
Change forever, eternal life

[Chorus] (x2)


Those who seek after fame put others down,
Climb the heights of your dream to be proclaimed.
The world doesn't need any more stars exalting self.
The world needs more people of faith.

Influence in your life,
We done want the fame we want salvation,
Influence for the cross,
Unity of faith across the nations.

Make the way of the cross your life goal
Pull the man from his grave to be revived.
Millions of hopeless troden people
There is hope in the saving blood of Christ,

Go into all the world
And preach the gospel
To every listener
And to all who believe
In Jesus Christ
Will be saved
But they who do not believe,
Will be condemned.

See the light in the eyes of the holyman.
Can't you see that the rivers flow within,
Why be lost in a sea of hate and lust,
We can tell you the change is now in Christ.

Now be born to a new life,
Certain hell awaites the lost.
The utter pain without God in eternity
Is more than a thousand lashes could toll.




David made a covenant with Jonathan
A promise of trust, the spilling of blood
Slaughter the heifer, walk between two parts
Off with my head if I break the oath.

Blood covenant

Jonathan died in battle
David, ascend to the throne
Mephibosheth a cripple
Son of Jonathan lost
Left behind as they fled
Oath of death upon David's head


The search went out for Mephibosheth
Caught, imprisoned, cursing rebel
Brought before King David's throne
Thought that death was imminent
David remembers the covenant oath
He'll show kindness to Jonathan's house
Seen as now the son of the king
All that was Saul's would now be his

You are Mephibosheth
David, symbolic of God
Your resisting His throne
The blessing of the blood covenant
Christ died for you, you don't even know



The congregation of the weeping saints
Should never be allowed to be forsaken
The suffering and sorrow, the pain of our tomorrows
Can be healed by prayer and love amazing

Fear the enemy of our faith
Clean your life of lonely breath
Lifting silent prayer be made
In comfort congregate

Chapel of Hope, a haven for our souls
Chapel of Hope, together we stand tall

The instigation of fear against our faith
Can bring out the weakness tomorrow
Gathering in comfort, the prayer of our fathers
Covering the weakness in our souls of life

Fear the enemy of our faith
Clean your life of lonely breath
Lifting silent prayer be made
In comfort congregate

[Chorus] (x2)

The supplication, prayers of the priest
Covering the holy congregation
The intercession for the mass of God
Prepares the spirits of the faithful


Chapel of Hope (x5)


Liberal Mediocrity
Taking from The Word is a disgrace.
Politically Correct,
Tickle the ears and kill the faith.

Rightly divide The Word of Truth,
Profit for doctrine and reproof,
Rightly divide The Word of Truth,
Understand Scripture and it?s use.

Liberal Mediocrity
Modernistic tainted by the world.
Politically Correct,
Open mind is poisoned to death.


Read it, live it.
The Lord is coming for a spotless church.
Repentant, forgiven.
Not deceived by words of man.



God Rulz
God Rulz
God Rulz


Let's go until the world (?)