Towards the Megalith tracks



Disembodied spirit, soul of the deceased
Released from the flesh, into the path beyond
Supernatural essence, ectoplasmic eruption
Haunting the dark halls, where life was lost
Grisly human fragments
Violent ghostly being, a figure forever lurking
A cloudy vaporous mist, haunting until the end
Reborn on landscapes, of ruin
To exist beyond, the boundaries, to possess
Chaos Apparition
Souls of the Lost
Spectral Assassin, night of terror
The hideous spawn, of desecration
Supernatural essence, ectoplasmic eruption
Haunting the dark halls,
Where life, was, lost...


Within the deepest chasms of thoughts
An ocean of infernal depths
Beneath Charons vessel
Moaning faces twist below the surface
Bloodied limbs breaking like knarled hooks
The screams of conquered souls...
Enter the Chasm of Oceanus
Crossing the Archrusian lake
Of unbreakable oath
To this shadowy place
Where nothing is real


Covered in a blood soaked shroud
A holographic glaze of chrome
A sea of naked bodies, heaves in pain
A burning sun rises, on the abyssal plane
The abyssal plane...
Desecrating fiends feast, in tremendous rage
Thundering entrance...Storm of death...
Sinking into an ocean of filth
Upon your throne of flesh,
Dominated and destroyed
Hammered into dust, into dust...
Sealed in diseased coffins, coffins...
Crushed in Spectral Domination, domination...
Sinking into filth, into filth...
Living crypts, procession of the damned
Cold in rotting, caskets
Enter in eternal sleep
Praying for death
Within your throne of flesh
Dominated and destroyed...


We are proprietors of the abyss
Compatable with the incomprehendable
Our last known, vestige, now entered
Within the depths of wisdom
The vault cannot be breached
Preparing for our rapture
We are preoccupied with anticipation
With anticipation... Our lament is our ecstasy
A vestige in ruin, a vestige in ruin
Interment of the undesirable
Embodiement unbecoming
We are proprietors of the abyss
We are proprietors of the abyss
The abyss, now lets rejoice


For the nameless intered
A Purulent Quest...
Aghast mouths, cracked open
Work of dread,
Dread of revelation,
Beneath black mourning
Veils, a pervading sense of grief...
At the frozen lakes of blood
Observe, your sidereal journey
Brothers at the end of time
Descend, in spectral glory
At the frozen lakes of blood
Observe your sidereal journey
Brothers at the end of time
Through the massive gates we pass
Gathered in titan halls of gold
The thundering rage, of victory
Despotic fiends weigh your soul
Weighed against the feather of truth
Cascade burning humans...
Open into darkness...


Snow covers, the ground
In an ancient cemetery, long forgotten
Evil growling, from the deep
In obscurity, everlasting
Peering over, a snowbathed crypt
A procession, of dark cloaked figures
Carrying a large casket, to an open grave
No salvation for the dead
As they inter the remains
Moving closer, past ancient tombs and old stones
My frozen hands are, growing pale,
My clothes, falling with dust
Skin is tightening against my bones,
As horror takes me over
Peering downwards into the cold,
A call from my own grave
Ancient words are uttered
To disappear, within the mist
The spell of death, everlasting
Slowly, consumed, in the fog...
Lost, in the fog
Lost, in the burial, fog...


Purge and Emanate
In hideous transformation
Into the embrace of the grave
The dark suffering of obscurity
Within obsidian caverns, ten million pits rotate in a maze
Permeate and embolden the bestial structure
The wrath of beauty, shall infest with desire
To be whole before, the grave of death's presence
Where plagues swarm and infest, agonized flesh
Around intricate and deadly columns
Absorb and become
Through pestilential graveyards, in moldering torment
Elongated over time, the agony of purification
The call of great thundering aeons
Resounding from the deep
Shattering mountains
As the seas give birth
To the coming dawn
To the coming dawn...
Purge and emanate
In hideous transformation
Into the embrace of the grave
The dark suffering of obscurity
Desecrated memories, of a past forlorn
Lay burning in the fields of paradise
My enshrined soul perpetuates and expands
Into the dark beyond...
Of a past forlorn


Towards the Megalith...
Among the last vestiges of humanity
to survive in broken ruins
Paths of smoldering, twisted steel
The refuge has become a tomb
A colony without hope
Torn from the womb of life
To exist in desolation
Congregation of the damned
Of the damned...
Massive quakes unearth painful cries
Giving way to the collapse
Crawl to your coffins
Within obsidian graves
Entombed in steel