Lillian Axe

Psychoschizophrenia tracks


1. Crucified

Come a little closer with your thoughts of an insurrection,
A little black mark in the book of your life could bring a change of your affection,
Got an one track mind, it's a sign of the times, find a whole new revelation,
Prime time, any time, pay the bailiff for your crime,
Don't lose your concentration,

No, No, No, I don't want to be crucified

Got a heavy cross to bear when there's salt in your lacerations
At least when I die I can look 'em in the eye, see them off to eternal damnation,
See the bloodstained curtains in the temple of love
Where the true is a state of your mind,
Kneel down, kiss the ground, better never make a sound
How can they see when they're so damn blind?

Can you believe in something
Not fit for their consumption?
Hold on strong to the end
Use the force in the back of your mind
I can't accept what they say
I choose to go my own way
I don't want to be crucified

Flying high, sanctify, living a lie by the hand of intoxication,
Under attack, see the scars on my back, think it's time for a needed vacation

No, No, No, I don't want to be crucified


2. Deepfreeze

Time and time again
I need reminding of where I've been
Helplessly scared, left so alone,
This time I'll make a journey on my own
Don't stop me now, as this begins
I fell a brave and new awakening

Yet life goes on
But I'll be gone
A brand new life awaits me
The setting sun time as begun
I've settled down, so take my

Mind, slipping in a deepfreeze
Blind, Living with an uneased mind,
Doing what I dawn please time and again
Sin, Looking at the shit that I'm in,
Smiling with a Cheshire cat grin.
Floating in a Deepfreeze

Upon your lap I rest my head,
I thank my lucky stars that I'm not dead yet,
The fields of green, the mountainsides,
I fly beyond them and there's a sea of sorrow,
Guide me to my rest
And in my deepfreeze I am possessed,

But life goes on
Embrace the dawn
A brand new song awaits you
Control your fear but keep it near
I'm melting down so take

Mind, slipping in a deepfreeze
Blind, Living with an uneased mind,
Doing what I dawn please time and again
Sin, Looking at the shit that I'm in,
Smiling with a Cheshire cat grin.
Ashamed of the places I've seen and I've been
Mind, Slipping in a Deepfreeze
Blind, Living in a deepfreeze

Time to go away
Escape confusion and disarray,
I found a peace, tranquility
My newborn love, my secret mystery,
My soul lives on, beyond the skies,
My questions answered I say good-bye


3. Moonlight In Your Blood

I've been watching from across the room
As you free your mind
They all tell me that you're far away,
I believe I'll stay awhile,
I'd like to help you find your golden mile

Dreaming, Crying, Hoping, Trying,
Praying, Dying,
Gets you through another day

Running, Flying, Escape, Denying
No one's trying to explain

What do you want?
What do you need?
Do you enjoy watching me plead?
What do you see?
What do you love?
The moonlight in your blood.
What do you feel?
Who do you love?
There's moonlight in your blood.

Spend your nights inside a silk cocoon,
Your soul could never die
I see you leave us as you stare at the moon
And you'll live again,
I only wish that I could share your pain,

[Chorus x2]

4. Stop The Hate

Hey, Adam, remember when we were real little and everything seemed so perfect like a fairy tale?

Yeah, little brother, but that was then, and this is now.

Read the story that I'm sure you've heard before,
Watch the signs come every day,
A turn of your back, it slips away.

See the vultures as they climb all over you,
In the blinking of an eye
Taken for granted, kiss me good-bye.

Make believe come true
I'll be protecting you
You're all I have

We're just wasting time
While we're running blind
Stop the Hate, before it's too late,
We're just losing time,
Seeing colorblind,
Stop the Hate. One more chance before we go.

I'm so sick and tired of your complaining,
Tie your hands behind your back,
With your eyes shut, we fade to black,

Their promises are lies
And smiles behind their lying eyes
Take your money for the cause
They crush you with their vicious jaws,
What happened to integrity? With me for you
And you for me

It's all a dream so kiss your life good-bye.

If wishes did come true I'd be protecting you
You're all I have

[Chorus x2]

5. Sign Of The Times

Cast your worries to the seas,
You can do just what you please,
Don't you know that happiness is free,
Disguised to hide the reasons,
We believe just what we see.

It's time to look beyond the real,
While you create the life you feel,
Everybody needs their time,
Scaling mountains they can't climb,
Falling down to their knees.

It's a sign of the times
Do you want to be
Just a sign of the times
It's the end of the line
Such a tragedy
It's a sign of the times

Shooting stars light up the sky
We march on prepared to die
I won't let them take my sense of pride, no,
Safe beneath the shelter,
But your face you cannot hide

It's time that people realize
What stares them right between their eyes
Everybody's wasting time,
Trying to make the world all rhyme,
It's so easy to see

It's a sign of the times
Do you want to be
Just a sign of the times
It's the end of the line
Your animosity
It's a sign of the times
Don't you feel it?
It's a sign of the times


6. The Needle And Your Pain

Feel like I'm losing again
Slipping away is the faith I used to cling to,
Life seems too strange to be real,
Watching you take it all in stride,

Just for you,
I'd take the needle and your pain,
Away from you
One for you

Time has no mind for regret
Watching you bite on the bullet you were born with
How do you sit there at ease?
While something inside you steals your peace.

Just for you,
I'd take the needle and your pain,
Away from you
I'd give you shelter from the rain
One for you

No one can convince me that there's method to this madness,
As I watch you fade,
The hours tick away,
With the courage of a lion,
And a steadfast heart of gold,
You gave me strength while the flames
Of my hope burned so cold

Feeling the heat once again,
Handed us hope as you rose up from the ashes,
Gone is the pain so be free,
Now, in your name, we can see.


7. Those Who Prey

I had a dream of great catastrophes,
And all the children cried a thousand seas,
While all the love we watched them lay to rest,
We stood up straight and tall and let them,
Let them put us to the test,
And we won, and love have saved the day
Then I woke, and evil got away

And on your throne you condescend so well,
If I could have my way you'd burn in hell,
While I watched you steal the bread from open arms
As you promise to protect their lives from harm

Bow down to those who prey
For they shall have their day

Hey you, whatcha gonna do to me
Down so low, can't you look around and see,
There's hope, truth is gonna set you free
You don't know, meaning of equality

Fighting to erase the dynasty,
Of those who prey on me.

And on your life you swear on lust and greed,
But the cries of hurting children makes you bleed,
Can you see your demon right before your eyes,
They're no good to you, except for cheap disguise,




Now one day soon the righteous will unite
And upon your head, the blind will gain their sight



Gonna put an end to the misery and those who prey will see


8. Voices In My Walls

"We're not here to hurt you," the voices told me, then they laughed away.
"Sit, relax, stay calm" Now they control me they rule my day.

Everybody needs someone to talk to
With a fire and a body that can touch you,
Even now I think I need somebody,
Don't think that I could ever have my time alone

'Cause I'm a captive soul,
To the voices of my walls

Fear has settled in, my room commands me,
Keeps me warm inside,
Sleep exists no more, a living zombie
I'm mystified.


'Cause I'm a captive soul,
Listen in wonder, the secret I've been told
By the voices in my walls

"Come with us give us control, and we'll possess your heart and soul,
You'll see new colors you can't describe, and feel strange things you've never tried."

Candlelight for me, a fading sunset,
Take me away

I'm a captive soul
Living in wonder the secrets I've been told
By the voices in my walls
You gotta believe me
The secrets amaze and confuse me with no self-control,
The voices are calling me now
The voices are calling me now
I'm a captive soul

9. Now You Know

Well I felt this coming on for a long, long time
When everything turns red, it's such a bad sign
Just a little bit of light would've helped me see
That every loaded gun wasn't aimed at me
Could've set me free

You made me
Betrayed me
Too many times
A jaded Delilah
Live, learn, and die

Now you know

Been livin' with my head in the deep, blue sea
So why does every one seem so afraid of me?
Just a little bit of air would've helped me breathe
When there is no such solution take your leave
Put your mind at ease

Release me just to please me, Way too late
Your time was impatient. Seal my fate

Now you know

You think the start of this was yesterday
Been scratchin' and clawin' just to find my way out
How could you ever let me dig so deep?

Well, Now I know
Now you know
Now you know

10. Deep Blue Shadows

I'm walking alone incognito so no one will know
But watching eyes catch a glimpse of what's hidden below
Does there always have to be this complication?
Do you have to live by selfish motivation?

Take my hand, we'll hide away,
We'll sleep beneath the open skies
What you say and what you do
They're always gonna criticize
Make your fantasies the drive
It seems that just the strong survive
So whenever you can feel it
Keep your deep blue shadows alive

I'm watching your steps.
I've got eyes in the back of my head
Don't make the wrong moves if they see you
You're better off dead, yeah
Do I always have to give some explanation?
To the critics who can't understand expression?

Take my hand, we'll hide away,
We'll sleep beneath the open skies
What you did and where you've been
They're always gonna criticize
Just because they can't relate
Don't let it stop your overdrive
Whenever you can taste it
Keep your deep blue shadows alive


11. The Day I Met You

Do you remember when our lives were so complete?
Long cold Decembers, so bittersweet,

But if you could set aside one day,
That I could hold forever
I would save the day that I met you.

Is it still magic although we've grown worlds apart?
It seem so tragic, so frail the heart.

But if I was blessed with just one wish
To take me through my lonely life
I'd wish to go back to the day that I met you

And when you fell you're on your own
Well just believe you're not alone
And you feel the warmth
That we shared years ago
Don't be blue

One painful morning, I stared straight into the sun,
It overwhelmed me, I came undone

So, if you can find it in your heart
To be forgiving to a broken man,
We'll go back to the day that I met you.


12. Psychoschizophrenia

Hey brother, can you spare some time?
It seems I've lost my mind
I'm one strange personality
Have I gone crazy?
Yeah, please take me somewhere new.

I don't associate with people, you see
Maybe that's what's troubling me
I feel rebellion's overdue
So chain me up now,
You'll get what's coming to you

Hey, I'm Psychoschizophrenia

Thunderstorms evolving inside of me,
Straight jacket quick and swallow the key
My sanity lives on the edge
But I'm so happy
I'm going away,



It's all in your mind, it's all in your mind