The Hourglass tracks



There is a war, to know for sure
Religion's what they're fighting for
It's hard to see news on T.V.
Screaming bodies all around

Dark reflections is spread in my mind
Sometimes it's easier to be blind

I have some dreams and violent scenes
From the visions that I've seen
I can't control myself asleep
At night they fight inside my head

Now it's time to live and forget
The drearied dreams I have in my back

Leaving the dreams far behind
Forget the past and erase my mind
So leave it all behind
Leaving the dreams far behind
Before I am confined to this mind
So leave it all behind

I have to cease to think about the scenes
Please set me free,
To be excused from all of the dreams

There is a war...
Dark reflections...
Leaving the dreams far behind...


Arouse thy crew
In sense of frustration
Our dragonships are near
Run up the sails
To avoid destruction
Thy time has come, We're here!

Face to face, thy destiny
We've lit all the torches
And shortly you will be...

Baptized in fire
Baptized in fire
With a violent rage

We hail thy ships
To strike with fire
Soon the bodies comes to burn
We'll never cease
Before you're gone into
The sea without return

Face to face, thy destiny
The battle is over
And you're the one to be...

Baptized in fire...




There is no tomorrow, if we don't cease
To create the toxic waste
The remaining future, the hourglass
The sand within may not slip away

Face a new disaster, tomorrow's gone
If the world keeps carry on
Listen to the prophet, a nuclear war
Will be the twilight of the gods

Masters with might enter scenes
Tomorrow it will seems
As it was yesterday
Inhuman ways...

To destroy the hourglass
And judge the human race
For all thet they have done
Before these men began
To destroy the hourglass
Reformation's far away
It's time to save it now
Before they blast again
And destroys the hourglass

There is no tomorrow...
Masters with might enter scenes...
To destroy the hourglass...


Lying in my bed one night
Holding someone tight
When morning hour came, waking up alone
Was it an imagination
Or was it for real
Don't really care, `cause she's my dream

Fire and ice
Just an illusion and a dream
Fire and ice
Just a dream that doesn't really exist

Her body's like a flame
Her eyes was cold as ice
So wonderful but not able to touch
I want her to be with me
What a crazy dream
What's wrong with believing and have a fate?

Fire and ice
Just an illusion and a dream
Fire and ice
We will never meet again

Yes, she's just a dream
I know she's not for real
No, she's too real
Too real to be just a fantasy

Fire and ice
Just an illusion and a dream
Fire and ice
We will never meet again
Fire and ice
She burns like fire
Fire and ice
Can't fight my desire
Fire and ice (x2)