My Own Private Alaska

My Own Private Alaska tracks


1. DIE FOR ME (if I say please)

Would you die for me ? If I say please ?
Would you sacrifice ?
Would you call my name ?
There's no other way out to live with it
I will knock on you door every night to beg you
I will write your name on the wall everyday
To show you the way.
I'll never kill you
I'll tell you
I'll tell you to
I'll tell you how
I'll tell you how to do.
On the second day, I'll bring you flowers.
Cause you're more beautiful than any woman I've sean
And the small of the rose will be the last thing
You'll recall when you will be dead
So read you name.
Just one please
My hand, your blood.


Let's talk
From a long time you use
Words you don't control
I will teach you their meaning
From too long you talk
About weapons you don't know
I will learn you how to fight
Name on you
wipe your asshole
With a page of a dictionary
Let's fight
It's your last lines
So what will you write ? what will you write
When you'll be down on your knees
Praying for something softer ?
Cause you'll cry cause these words are bigger than you are
So let's stop, let's stop this shit
You're not the though guy you think you are
You're tiny, tiny boy
So wipe your asshole
With a page of a dictionary


You want to talk to me ?
You don't know who I am
You want to take the risk ?
You'd better go anywhere
You want to touch my skin ?
You'll maybe burn your hands
Hey you want to come to me.
Anywhere else, go anywhere
You'd better run
Outside the door
You'd better stay
Far away from me, far away

You're never land about the piece of shit I am ?
I lie, I cheat I break
Let's runaway from me.

On every road, on every day
Think at you wealth, think at your life.
I don't wanna hurt, you don't wanna suffer
I don't wanna kill, you don't wanna die

Don't come to me
Little princess

Running away


When you'll be here, what will you say ?
Will you go on lying to me again ?
Inside the sores, bleeds a river you'll have to taste & swallow hole

You will recall we have died once
On a fucking road, on a sunny day
I will remind I could have killed for less.
you still could disappear for ever.

As we're well mannered
I should not talk like this.
But as I died in that car
I just intend to live

Intend to live
Intend to forget
Live with this
Now I saw a light.

As we're well mannered
I should ,not spit like this.
But it's your turn to die
I just intend to kill.

You we're supposed to love me
You we're supposed to care
You we're supposed to play a part
You we're supposed to...

You we're supposed to like the game
you we're supposed to talk
You we're supposed to reinvent
You we're supposed to kiss or kill

Kill me twice
Kiss me first.


Some people are sick and other people pay to see
They same starving children are singing for the president
Some people are sad, and hang themselves on Christmas Trees
It's time to answer by chaos
Have you seen the TV ? Have you seen it well ?
Have you read the news ? Do you know them by heart ?
Did you know a man killed his own family ?
Have you seen what I don't wanna see ?
No hope for some change to come
No truth to learn, just learn to lie
If I don't kill myself, it's cause I've already left
Elsewhere, anywhere, nowhere

- I am an Island.

Everybody hurts, and everybody cries
It's not a song, it's just fucking reality
Have you felt this tears you would like to lick ?
You'd like to fuck cause your fucking sexual life is dead.
Would you like to rape ? Would you like to steal ?
Would you like to kill the guy who tells you what to do ?
Do you know the anger ? Do you know the hatred ?
Did you know the USA maintain the embargo ?
Nothing will change until me die
Have you seen the poles. Have you seen kyoto ?
Not even you can I ever change.
Have you seen the fate ? Have you seen.
I am an Island
Where lots have gone
Even me
My Own Private Alaska
I am an Island


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