Napalm Death

The Peel Sessions tracks


1. The Kill

There's nothing left to gain
You have just been led

The kill, after death, the kill

The shit you were promised
Means nothing now you're dead

The kill, after death, the kill

2. Prison Without Walls

Inside your head
Insular, living dead

Existing for a purpose you'll never find
Inducements, distortions contorting your mind

External sources maintain control
Programmed existance, fulfill your role

You've got a brain, shake off the reigns
Smash the shackles, break the chains

3. Dead


4. Deceiver

Becoming wary of your lies
Your disguise the truth belies

Only fooling yourself
Pretend to bite the hand that feeds
But you won't discard your security

The transparency of your fantasy

5. Lucid Fairytale

Delude yourself with the notion
That life's viewed defiantly through your eye
Subconsciously following the flock
From which appearance is the only exemption

The stagnant illusion of change
Concealed behind your disguise

What's perspicious on the surface
Is artificial inside
When views are merely symbolic
Of an image you hide behind

The stagnant illusion of change
Concealed behind your disguise

6. In Extremis

7. Blind To The Truth

Behind the transition
Lies a sense of ambiguity

Why hide behind the truth
Of what you are?

Your character becomes distorted
In the quest for an identity

Why hide behind the truth
Of what you are?

8. Negative Approach

Nothing I can say
That hasn't already been said
Generic words and thoughts
Similarly expressed

This primitive stance
Feelings of angst
Matters relating
To circumstance

"Unfounded reactions
Just part of the faction"
I wouldn't give you the satisfaction

9. Common Enemy

Back Biting
Senseless Infighting

"United we stand
Divided we fall"
The common enemy that overshadows us all

10. Obstinate Direction

11. Life?

Never hope nor choice
Emotionless and cold
This is life

Illusions shattered
An existance of lies
Constant struggle
Freedom denied

At their feet
No sanctuary in death
Drugged up fucked up
Is that all you're worth?

12. You Suffer

You suffer
But why?