Tiamtü tracks



I an abyss of uncreation, after Edom has fallen.
She was the One Thing alive, yet so dead by our standards.
So dead...

In an abyss of recreation, the spawn of a Will was born.
A Will to expand, a Will to be perfect,
Life that is dead in this world.
So dead...

Rashith ha-Eilgulim, backwards and inwards turn
O Thou Lotus Crown, to emptiness return.

In an abyss of procreation, the blinding darkness was death
A movement towards Death manifested,
The fylfot cross swirled
So dead...

Turn Thou towards Ain Soph Aur and be a guiding light
An initiating force rushing from left to right.

Unto Thee do I Aspire Eheieh
To withdraw our union to Tiamtü
I Am What I Am, yet Naught Mehûmah
And consume the Lie to bring forth what is True

Unification unto Nothing
Inverted emanation-flow

The Ten shall become the One
And inwards shall all visions show
As the One transforms into the None

Fear the sword of the Kerubim
Do not try to flee the pit
Ye idols of the lowest mind
A plague to the cursed blind
Legacy of the Dark Mother

In an abyss of creation
The Wil was reflected and contained
Unified in eternal bliss
A Fall into matter
So dead...

In a process of emanation
Of evolution, of penetration
Shone forth a throne and king
A king far yonder for most
So dead... So dead...

Flesh-made blood of the gods, seed of the Ain
Back to thine origin return. Chaos bloodline

Slain by the Sword of Kerubim
Claim the right to what is thine
Ascend across the Etz Chaiim
A heritage from the divine
To consecrate thyself to Him

Unification unto Nothing
As illuminated men we stand
With the bride, once a Whore
And inwards does our world expand
As Death is knocking at the door

Legacy of the Dark Mother
Tiamtü... Holy Death!


The sacred names on lips of fire
Praised and invoked by each blessed prana
In eternity worshipped by the god-forms

Inebriated by compassion and cruelty alike
Thou Shadow, join my transition to
This burning place of aggression. Of Power and Perversion
Sacred diversion

From here I direct my bhakti to Naught
With each vital organ trembling
At the sound of my vibrating prayer of Death

Burning in frenzy I raise my voice
Turning in for each limb, each dark Name of Power
I summon, I chant, I pray for Salvation
Lifeless Redemption
I burn, and I burn, and I burn with devotion
Death Inebriation

Pralaya Divine
Withdrawal to Ain

Ve'erastich li l'eolahm Tehôm
Ve'erastich li be'emunah
Veyadaath et Ain

Ascending the cosmic structure
Beyond gods forgotten and sacrament lost
Such zealotry never witnessed
By angels nor demons, by gods nor by men

Barchu et Mehûmah hamvorach
Baruch Tehôm hamovorach
Le'olahm va'ed Amen

Greeting the Fiery Serpents of Nephtys
Scorch, spear, chain and sword
By which I am tortured to Death bliss
Still I aspire unto the highest Lord... Holy Chaos!!!

Pralaya Divine
Withdrawal to Ain

I curse this place, and it blesses me thrice
I crush this temple. and in three days it is raised again
From the ashes of the whores that pull me back
In Vain
For my seed still runs from their mouths
As a mark that I ever existed
In Vain


...And into the corners of what is known and in order
You shall carry my voice
To awaken the Watery Serpent of Chaos
To swallow this world
For I am Death...

Disturbed in it's holy peace
Life taken from Death
Blood that is stirred in to butter
An image turned hostile
Shatter this mirror from which it mocks Thee

Misgrown diversity
Flaunting perversity
Vain existence where existence is Naught

Godless adversity
Broken Unity
Dividing the None into One
And the One into countless numbers

Slay them...

A countenance deformed, the grinning enemy
Waiting but to die
The None wants you back
For you are of me, and I am Death...

Aeons in perpetual rape and lament
Receive my deliverance
Welcome my redemption
For I am joy, I am Death...

Join me... Die!


I behold the infernal depth of the rootless root
In a constant flur of a qliphotic mortification
The endless pleroma mirroreth as the gate of Chaos opens
Ande the sparkless spark of divine light shines in the abyss

The structure of the Absolute revealeth
Wonders of the past and what is yet to come
As Marah's legs are spread
Ande the divine Word vibrated in the Womb

Beyond the eyeless Daath
Leaving the triads underneath
I ascend the eleventh path
To become immortality and Death

I emerge from Sithra Achra
And acknowledge the many natures of Understanding
In violent rituals of the most impure eroticism
I seek to drown myself in the sterile Waters of Death

Where is movement, there is life that must die
Gather every limb near the heartbeat of Death
In a joint pilgrimage to the Womb of it All
Prasie ye Death with passion for Nothing is holy

Their Kingdom was already mine
Now I am crowned
I am He that is, and is Not
I am the One, I am none


In the balance of unbalance
Cool waves of oppression
Soothing the chaos
That has left me hungry for Death

Deep satanic madness
Driven beyond every point
Driven in flesh and mind
Sanctified in tortured

Blissful naked clarity
Shameless pride
Blessed blackest purity
Life aside

In the balance of unbalance
Swallow this heart O Lord
Remove all that is human
Put aside all that is weak

Fo the beast is hungry O Lord
And the curse is present O Lord
Following my footsteps
It will not rest until I die

In the balance of unbalance
I turn to the forbidden
And pray to the Chaos beyond
The dot within the circle undone

Where the earth is yet formless and void
And life unthinkable
Where the waters are sterile and black
And the Berashith gone


"I am the spirit that denies
And justly so: for all things from the Void
Called forth, Deserve to be destroyed.
Twere better, then, were naught created.
Thus, all which you as Sin have rated-
Destruction-aught with Evil blent-
That is my proper element."


I direct and I behold...
The golden light descends at Will
Veil of restriction unfold...
Holy, silent and still
I am, thou art, in extension...

Grant me the vision of thy chosen few
The strength of a Devourer
Very god of very god born anew
All-absorber, all-deflowerer
Nothing is in extension...

And I beheld and I saw
The selfless self dwelled within
And struggled Mehûmâh
Ever Seeking, ever searching
Through the deepest Mummu
To descend in emanation

Through wombs of shining with radiance
Of their serpent, of their death
And other seals, secrets to me yet unknown
Seals of splendour, seals of great mystery

Still, a vain effort was the search
For the primum mobile encountered
The vast Têhom, not through effort
But by will

Be my prophet, O new-born
That is the root of heavenly fire
Illuminated, pure and anointed
In all aspects like unto god...
...in extension...

And Behold
I saw Tiamtu, the watery deep
Yes, the ancient serpent of chaos
In all it's horrid glory, raging relentlessly
At the fire that had become the self
Being slain... and born again
Naught in extension...


At the edge of the sword
The Serpent of Wisdom raises its head
Proudly gazing at the lightning flash
The Path upon which it must ascend
Opening the Gate of Death
And piercing the foundation
Into thought and emotion
Through the very god that was sacrificed
Into severity and even into mercy
Being ever mindful
Lest the abyss of knowledge devoures the ungrounded
Where one serpent's head is crushed by the waters
the other is that of wisdom
ready to become God
Ready to cry Eheieh Asher Eheieh
I am what I am
Returning to the eternal Night of the Gods