At the Dawn of Your Deterioration tracks



Erradicate contamination!
Push away all limits of reality.
Think about that you're not
the only one yourself.
Human thought he was a god
he created his own reflect.
Countdown to the contamination!
What is the true ?
Defective human genome ?
Your clone is you!
Unlawful life!
No regrets no fear to kill them!
Fight for be unique.
No one can usurp my existence.
Any clone will live my own life.
That's the defective human cloning!

Crush all these parasites,
Grind their corpses
No remorse to shedding
Their false blood,
Their scream, their death.
Erradicate contamination.
The defective human cloning.


That's the human aberration!
Generate some envious monsters
Who desire exchanging their lives
With their poorshit human models
The human extermination
Will be because of his own fault.
Because of too much thinking
He's become one god.
Human will cause
His own disapearence.



Am i the one that the damned
Hasn't run away yet ?
Around me, death is smiling
To the most valourous but wasn't it ?
Flee me, let me
To the eternal darkness.
From my bloodstained cuts
Are escaping all my desires.
Finish me, alleviate me
You can't oblige me to live.
Altought my aggressiveness
Is intact, my soul remains ASHURA.
The reason of my struggle
Belongs to me, so look at my eyes!
Isn't it burning for that ?
I will never serve
All these fucking kings.
ASHURA release me
I can't stand my lonelineless
Severe pain as a sword in my flesh
don't let me down.

My soul is escaping, my body is dying
The soul of the damned won't rest in peace.
I prefer die, i've never wished
Fight for this cause derisorely, absurdely.
Chains are broken, allegance anymore
Stupidity of humanity. No gods for me,
Our hell is here. My destiny:
An eternal roaming.
I will never belong to you
Even if i've one feet in grave
Hate is focused in all my thoughts,
Fight for my own cause
Was my own fate
Hate, pain, torments: my battlefield
Obediance to these fucking kings
Make use of my life, of my death
Run away from you, i can't think it.


Your god?
Your god is dead and his blood
Is pouring on my hands!
Your god must be burnt!
Your religion? Stupidity!
Because you!
Poor pawn manipulated!
You live for this god!
You must burn your god
With you own hands!
Kill this shit hoax.
Blown up and let
My anger unleashed
I can't hold back all my blows.
The blood of your god
Is soiling my hands
Religion's fall is inevitable.

Poor shit!
Now open your eyes!
It's time to burn your god!
Poor shit!
Are you ready to die?
Dying for one idol?
Poor shit!
Try to live your life
Without your stupid god!
Poor shit!
Now open your eyes!
It's time to burn your god!


Depuis la nuit des temps,
Nous cachons notre existence.
Cette gloire inconnue des mortels
Symbolise notre magnificence.

Nous jugeons aujourd'hui
L'un de nous, pour crimes
Envers notre monde.
Par mes pouvoirs conférés,
Je te condamne à mort.
Traqué comme un chien
Il portera la croix de son existence.
Frappé au sang, violé dans l'âme
Telle est et sera sa pénitence.
Humilié, chatié, blessé et jugé
Il ne connaitra que souffrances.
Tué par ceux qu'il aime
De sa mort, ils lui tireront
Sa révérence.

Traître à ma cause
Tu vas mourir, tu vas souffrir
Je te maudits.
Que son sang coule
De tous ses pores
Qu'il hurle encore
Après la mort.
Que la peste pourrisse
Sa chair inerte et
Dévore son âme.
Que son nom
Soit à jamais maudit,
Par l'enfer qui le damne.

[Solo 1]
[Solo 2]

Dans le cercle.


Tired of your stupidity
i can't this abnegation.
Victim of your own life?
Let me laugh!
You're not the only one.

Unable to assume your mistakes.
Poor buffoon! Stop your lies!
You harvest that you've spreaden.
I can say:
You obtained that you deserved.

Anymore i will trust!

I'm so disapointed by reality.
You've hidden your face so good.
Avoid my way! Run for your life!
My anger is become so cold!

I hate all these kind of behaviour.
I spit and spit again on your face.
Absolutely in nothing i trust anymore.

Anymore i will trust!

Liberated! Alleviated!
I feel no pain!

I'm free without this burden!
Yes i am!
My chains are falling.
Yes i'm so free!
Dance with death,
A new order is coming.

Searching for at the botom
Of my memories.
I refuse to be again
What i was.
I convicted my past life
Cause i've choosed
This new order
That is coming

This new order
Will lead us all
Will lead you all
To a rebirth.

Don't be affraid
By your own fate.
Let fall your enslaved ewistence.
Convict the humanity destiny.
Absolutely in nothing i trust.

Run into the flames of your life.



I've seen chaos before my eyes.
I've seen the blood.
One old dead man is staring me
From my grave.

I become mad. To the full mad.
I realised:
"nobody can escape to his own fate".

Sick of myself stabbed by myself;
I dug my grave
One old dead man smeels
In staring at me.

Shade of madness above my head.
It's screaming:
"Come die with me. Come die with me".

The one that uses the sword.
The one that loves power
Willperish by power.
The one that hates further
Willbe killed by others.

This one is and will a damned.

Chains of pain hurt me again,
I've choosed my fate;
I have to pay.

Forgive me father for all the sins
I've accomplished.
I was just the devils pawn
On the chessboard of evil.
I've exchanged my life against
The loss of my conscience.
Yes i am a damned
I have to serve my delivrance.

Victim of my own mistakes,
I couldn't have escaped detect.
I have satisfied myself that:
Nobody could have hit the mark.

Sufferer of the other's hate
That's how i'm become insana
I'm driving myself to despair
I took refuge in demon's lair.

I've seen deeper into crime.
I've gone too far to draw back.
I've seen deeper into crime.
I've gone too far to draw back.



I can't stand anymore
Stupidity of human race.
One society that's led
By power and money.
Corruption, violence
Are everywhere.
There's no justice.
Disparities, mass poverty :
Our world's foundations?
Millions people used to
Watch some other that
Die live at TV.
Fraternity, compassion??
These feelings have
How not to be schocked
By this shit system?
When some powerfuls
Are seated in the culpit box.

International peace rests
In a real wind of lies;
One man alone against all
Is allowed to make war.
Just take a look sky is exploding!
Ready or not anyhow we can't flee.
No more blind that the one
Who to take a blind eye.
No more deaf that the one
Who to take a deaf ear.
Shit tyrans won't have
The last word.
They'll never control our land.
You're caught in your own trap
And can consumate your fright.





Minus human : repugnant wimp.
Minus human : stincking insect.
Revolting world: craddle of life.
Revolting world must disapear.
This day will come. I'll be the first in line
Waiting for armageddon.
Infected life : suffocation.
Walk in fire is preferable.
Another shoot : i need my fix
for staying alive, give me blood.
This day will come. I'll be the first in line
Waiting for armageddon.

The walk is already openned.
Machine's wheels are engaged.
End is near irreducible.
No hope, no fear. Just pain!

Waiting for armageddon...
Set the world on fire on fire!

I will savour your pain
I will destroy your faith
I will spit on your name
I will savour your death.

Human, you're so abject.
Human, contemplate
Your own loss.
Human, poor arogant.
You will crumble to dust.
Human, establish
Your own fall.
Human, contemplate
Your own loss.
Human did you believe
That your reign
Could have been eternal?


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