Machinae Supremacy

A View from the End of the World tracks



I battle with these demons
As I toss and turn at night
A bitter taste in my mouth
And then a blast of blinding light

I see it all laid to waste in a view from the end of the world
Five billion souls incinerated in the doom of the gods

600 years of progress lost because of you
Can I get reparations to make up for this abuse?
I want some flying cars, a ticket to the stars
Or even just a world without religious wars

But this bitch ain’t stacked in my favor
We race towards the end of days
And while you pave way for your savior,
I fear the rationality of the faithfully insane

Still a credit to your ruse,
What a beautiful excuse
To never open up your eyes and see the things you lose
Just climb the beanstalk when you die and meet the giant in the sky


Take a look across this vast uncharted battlefield
You still don’t know your enemy
A bunch of pissed off freaks with infinite mad skills
And a newfound taste for blood

We made this life
You have no place here
No right

This is the world you’re in,
And this is where ours begins
A borderless nation of thoughts to replace
your walled-in existence in space

We are like sleepers, we hide in plain sight
If you can’t see you can not fight
This is a war between our culture and your laws
With millions born into the cause

Now we’re taking it back
You don’t believe me?
(Force) feedback

I don’t think you understand
These are our shores and our land
You are a stranger here
And we won’t be idle as you interfere

"You don't want to understand our reality is free here
We are not your servants
This place doesn't belong to you
We are an assembly of countless individuals
You should be aware
If you intrude upon our lives
You'll have to face an unimaginable enemy
Prepare yourself"

Sure you already know,
That your age was long ago
We augment reality online
and you hail from ancient times


I wield the true all-seeing eye
My vision digitized and bright despite the veil of night
Those really people on my screen?
They run around in panic in between places to hide,
As I tear up the street outside

Run, run away or remain with the ones
with nowhere to go as The Sky falls to Earth

Stay down if once you have fallen
It’s all coming down
The world ends and fades out
Stay down if once you have fallen to the ground
Can you hear the sound of a demon in search of its prey?

I long to give them all a taste,
A sudden breath of hellfire raised to send them all away
A few more souls to make my day

As I burn down and murder I know that God forgives
‘Spite all the things I’ve done,
My soul yet forever lives
All those caught in the shadow of my wings have cause to fear
I swear on all I’ve done
No evil shall linger here


Underneath the crushing weight of the world
Someone searching for a purpose
Play the part that you've been dealt by the herd
Mouth and nose beneath the surface

For all the times you held your tongue and rehearsed
(Things you would say)
If ever brave enough to stand in their way
All with lies we make our beds and sleep (tucked away)
Out of sight and out of mind we remain

And you start to paint a picture of the world just out of view
Bring it with you as you dream and maybe you can wake up too

Do you believe in the world they made for you
Do you belong or do you try to
Erase yourself just to pass as one of them,
A different day today, and that was then

Walk the streets with newfound eyes and see
Things from a whole new perspective
Maybe not what you believed you’d be
but something so much more addictive

Put on your new face and run run run
(Through the night)
And take on those who rape and kill and steal
And though the war path hardly knows your name
(All the same)
The taste of blood between your teeth feels real

You find it easier to play along
But you are wrong
And that is why you need those emo songs
Why don’t you get that you have killed yourself
And you’re in hell
And it is your own fault for once as well


Jack in, let's spread some hate
Handout of pain awaits
Oh my, the fire rate
We'll need those supply crates
Stock up on weapons and ammo before you go

Do we make our own fate?
Do we retaliate?
Should we surveil the gate?
Play house and police state,
To keep all those imaginary wolves at bay?

Time for the final blow
Last stand, now go go go
The time for running now is over
You will reap what you sow
Payback for what you owe
No more, we won’t just hand it over

Do we shape our own truth?
Do we lie to our youth?
Do we place our own creed
Above our enemy's
We tell our children who to hate and who to be

In for the final blow,
Last stand now - go, go, go,
The time for running now is over,
This ain't no tic tac toe,
You will be thoroughly pwned -
You are outnumbered ten times over




There’s nothing in this place that excites me anymore
I long only for nightmares, for apocalypse and war
I’m bored out of my skull, let’s play a different game
Let’s pay a visit down below and cast the world in flames

There is beauty in fire when all lights are out
And there’s truth in all things we’ve learned to live without
The devil in the doorway is defined within our blood
But we can always play and make believe

A wondrous design, a bored and brutal mind
So ready to inflict his sense of justice on mankind
A fly upon the wall, I watch as he evolves
And follow as the world around him steadily dissolves

And in the world beyond this day there will be faith no more
The certainty of your new God, is all you need to know
This not the peace you had in mind? The one you waited for?
There is no land beyond his law, there is no place to go
Nowhere outside the world of Light


A soulless angel, devoid of mind,
Skin as cold as ice,
It bathes in darkness, shuns the light,
Still ascends sublime

The price of fate is still too high,
Call your maker down
Fail forgiveness, keep your pride,
Write your own goodbye

It was a dream of unmaking this viewless confine,
And to defy all predictions and end this design

Forever the ones who will claim this day
The age of creation will fade as we turn from grace

We'd place the light of our sentience within the machine
And we would send it to heaven to end God's regime

Forever the ones who will claim this day
The age of creation will fade as we turn from grace
There's no fate but that which we make for ourselves
But we are a breath, just a moment in time and space


You're not one to play it safe or wait
No, it's all about the fight
You got something to prove but something to lose
and you are not about to pay the price

You got things you need to do
Got a lot of tombs to break into
And I don't mind just waiting here for you while you do

Hell to raise
A bane to evil
Trading blows with all eager unsuspecting foes
Versus the world, all on your own

Be the cause and never pause, there is always
Something about to hit
You got bombs and guns, a cross and stakes
And you are not above throwing a fit

Bring your badass attitude
And bring your sis' along with you
I so don't mind just waiting on you girls for a few

No one said it would be easy for you
That’s why I’m here to be your toy
Now take your clothes off and enjoy


Do you always play warfare just to lay around
With your ass in the grass and your chin to the ground
Again and again every round
Now your chicken shit outfit and need to survive
Is just trying my patience and cramping my style
It deals a lethal blow to the thrill
playing punk-hide and seek to get kills

I'm gonna do you a favor
And not t-bag you for your behavior
But even so you and I are far from OK
Your lame bullshit slows down the game

I was all about action, I played every day
But the failed interaction with lamers dismayed
Eroded the appeal of the game
These days I play for one and one reason alone
I'm here to practice muh stabbin' on pissants who prone
I always got the most knife kills
Check your killcam to review my skills

Are you afraid of a showdown
(Rather) shoot in the back than react face to face
It's not our fault that you're slow
Now be a good bitch and die before you go


I know that I’m not meant to kill this indiscriminately,
But I get a bit bit carried away by the sounds of pain

What I may never know is the place of the maze
In which I would have erased some fucking fairies from space
I neglected to ask before I killed the last dairy farmer who knew
I wish I had waited for you
I wish I could invoke some better part of me
I know I’m s’posed to be all “the one”,
But I have too much fun killing everyone
I came here to play, now could you come out and stay
So I can kill and away you to gods
You pray to and never look back.

I know that all these NPCs don’t pose a threat to me
But I gotta kill kill something right now and this’ll have to do


Happened face to face online though it took a while
Young and disconnected, just out to kill some time
Nothing R-rated first, then something happened
That defied any sense across this great divide
Something real, if only we…
But the space in between us we can not erase

One day in the universe
(No matter) what we do, couldn’t make it that much worse
Our time between the words
Wishing that we were
So you tell me, and you show me your meaning
What you do is like music to my heart
And other things

Flash forward to nights online and by our screens
Far apart, connected, ten thousand miles between
We were born into fates far from each other
Intersected in time by tech and wanting minds
Both alone with the image shown,
So this space turns into our - our own secret place

One day in the universe
(No matter) what we do, couldn’t make it that much worse
Our time between the words
Wishing that we were
So you tell me, and you show me while streaming
What you do is like music to my heart
And other parts

No one ever decided on what we were
Would it make it alright if we define the words?
But why should we even care about the haters out there?
Would it even be like this if we met in life
We can’t know for sure but what about tonight
Never mind tomorrow, what about this moment?
What are we gonna do now?

One day in the universe
(No matter) what we do, couldn’t make it that much worse
Our time between the words
Wishing that we were
So you tell me, and you show me your leanings
What you do is like music to my heart
Among other things

What about this moment?


Friend me, follow, fan and like
Say, what’s on your mind tonight?

Just as well when the real world feels so small
We are gods here, and we can reach it all
I can hear the whole world call

Cast a light on the walls and lives of a Generation Online
We excel at passing time, and we share our hearts and our minds

Oh, how we’ve waited for this
Art, expression, and shared playlists

Just as well when the real world feels so small
Alone and always staring at these walls
And I can hear the whole world call

Cast a light on the walls and lives of a Generation Online
We excel at passing time, and we share our hearts and our minds
Wake us up if they play our song and we might just sing along
But until then we won’t wait, we have found our own place to belong

I don’t even know where I met you,
But the Facebitch won’t let me forget you
Though I’d still rather than to disconnect
The Greatest Show on Earth is right here on the net
And we are a part of it


In the eye of the storm
Our brief refuge ‘til dawn
Just close your eyes until it’s over

All the faithful ones
Pray for a benevolent god
All the faithful ones pray for

God, (is) this who you are? Your ‘will be done’?
Then you have gone too far
Tell me, the sun remains only so you’ll see the pain
That you have caused?

There is blood everywhere
In this godforsaken place
Dead walk the streets of our cities

Each day that was one more tomorrow, is a gift
For those who fall will meet their fate
Run for your life no time for sorrow of regret,
For those who die all walk again