Savage Grace (USA-2)

After the Fall from Grace tracks



A call to arms we have never known before to a
Place inside we've left too long ignored


We are the knights shining in armor
Satisfying desire
A hole in the soul of millions unknown
Void of the feelings we' ve never known
As we look to the stage into heaven
We gaze and our world of pain fades away
But the powers that fear our crusade bring
To bear all the might that their lies can buy

And we came, we saw, we conquered
And our call to arms rings on
And we came, we saw, we conquered
And the fire from cities ablaze won't die away

[2nd Verse:]
Power and the glory rits of the holy mesmerize
The masses
Seduced by it all awaiting the call we feel
The essence embrace our soul
In the guys that we take there can be no mistake
We are more than a great escape
None should fear what they know
Nor believe what they' ve told
Let the light of your truth take hold


We came to know just we can do when
We let go of our fear
Chant: Have no fear, have no fear
We' ve let our rights be taken away
We believed in their lies
Chant: Give no more, give no more
But we won't let lies stand in our way
And we won' t be bound to any law that fear
Makes us obey

[Lead Break]

[Repeat end of the 1st Verse]


As we let our sails fly away
And we chart our course for ever changing
Rendez - vous of war
Banners wave, cannons fire till the smoke of
Glories past fills the air, brings to tears
Eyes of all who' ve seen
A thousand men of war go off to battles
They' ve already lost

And we sail on
As clouds above the sea
Will the stars still guide us
After the fall from grace [x2]

[2nd Verse:]
As their ensign fills our eyes and shouts
Rain from command
The thunder shouts from cannons fired ten
Thousand times before
Main sails burn
Top sails fall into the flying sea
Men ablaze catch the blade to end their misery
Another battle fought and lost, their ship
Goes under as we watch


The war that we wage, the price that we pay
For love of God and gold
We stake our claim, to what remains among
The spoils of war

[Lead Break]

With the harbour lights so near
Shining of the sea
The winds of war are blowing so far away from me
Fortunes raised, men enslaved, for king and Country's need
Ships aflame, screams of pain to satisfy their greed
How many times must we go before we all
Know to say no



Disciples of Belial met we
In a silent covey at the dead of night
Chant: Trial by fire
The initiation of blood with the covenant of death
Bind the soul to a compact with hell
Chant: Trial by fire

Know not thou of wicked deeds, lascivious
Behaviours and wanton greed
Confess thy sins, purge thy soul, verdict is
Given, cry no more, but bear the sentence of a
Trial by fire
The sentence shall be trial by fire

[2nd Verse:]
Voices raised in a hymn of praise, to the glory
Of abjuration of thy faith
[Chant:] Trial by fire
Eat the flesh of the child's breast and cast
Thy spells with malicious intent
[Chant:] Trial by fire


Burn witch burn, burn bitch burn
Burn witch burn, burn bitch burn


Sentenced to be tried by fire
Sentenced to die by fire

Trial by fire
Trial by fire
Trial by fire


And it came to pass that desert lands bore now
Of great wickedness and hatred, who spread the
Feed of vengeance through abominable acts of Violence and terror, in an age where nothing
Was left sacred and evil lay before a
Collapsing world


Convictions fixed in one's mind, fanatics
Trained for self sacrifice
The doctrine of those without hope, deceived
In their vision to sanctify the world
The voice of the just shall be heard,
Distorted, misshapen and bastardized
Unleashed to those as a fear, sent forth
As a message for nations all to hear

Behind the guise looms a twisted mind
Bent on annihilation, violence, breeds, violence
Winds of war, blinded eyes, sacrifice,
The age of innocence
Terror strikes sky and seas by surprise,
The age of innocence dies

[2nd Verse:]
Captives taken by swords, induced by the faith
Of the blind, the wrath of their anger so cruel
Pray to the claim of the just and right
A tactic to seize and to hold, sentenced
To age of command
Demands of those that are capt, delivered
Unto us, a new media event


So many cry from their graves
Innocence taken by the blade

[Lead Break]


Slay them all, young and old, hostage cries
The age of innocence dies


A dark reign of ruling upon them, their
Lives full of hope thrown away
Killing life legally, reduction of death in
Perfect race
Taken by force, this world at the mercy
Of man and war

Flesh and blood, we are all the same inside
Flesh and blood, we are all the same inside
Six million souls will cry
We will fight to the end

[2nd Verse:]
One mind to bow down to as master, in a body
Of suffering pain
Tortured and beaten by roaches they' re eaten
Living a nightmare, to them just a game
Born to run free
Believing and reaching for what you see


[Lead Break]

[3rd Verse:]
The thieves of man' s dignity prosper in their
World of hysterical hate
The lives of the loved ones are trumbled upon,
What gives them the passion to go on and on
Taken by force, this world at the mercy
Of man and war



Nations rise, nations fall by self - determination
People live
Cultures die, the scythe of progress reaps
Shattered lives, pave their way to ultimate
The dark of heart feed their fires of passion
Burning madly for more war

And the fools take command, to decide how we
Live, how we die as they need, on the blind
Men lead
Destination unknown, who holds the key to
Find our destiny

[Lead Break]

[2nd Verse:]
As we race toward the edge of global
Self - destruction
Will it be our legacy, to leave this world a
Future without past
Dying lands, born of greed, swell with
Starving masses
The men whose deeds condemn them all, feed
Only their need destroying more


[Lead Break]

[3rd Verse:]
The time to lie, the time to fear have left us
Without vision
To guide us now, we must somehow let our hearts'
Desire light our way



Destined to forever change, no one lives
To die the same as when they came
Journeys by knights and heroes searching,
Marching, fighting on
To hear truth from God
As we feel the heartache in our darkest
Days of pain learn the lessons from the wise
To survive a thousand lives

Tales of mystery, show us the way to find
Our way, tales of mystery guide on

[2nd Verse:]
Legends passed on down through time
Weaved with truths of futures past
We seek to find
Stories of fiery dragons, witches, monsters,
Magic spells
We must forever tell
When you feel the heartache in your darkest
Day of pain let the magic guide you as
You turn another page


[Lead Break]