Darkest Hour

Demo '96 tracks



In darkness only to see the light shines brighter now
Stripped from life long before your time
Sands of time slowly blown away
Innocence is laid to rest

Ashes smolder from the fire that once charred life (laid to rest)
Ashes smolder from the fire
Sleep eternal sleep - Rest eternally
Arctic winds solidify - As purity now torn
Silent never to sleep again - Silent sleep eternal sleep

Memories turn into sleepless nights
Soaked with sweat - Gasp for air
Pain swept away by darkness
Clouds blacken the sky as rain falls

Forevermore, as body lies in darkness
Soul walks among eternity
Behold salvation from humanity
Unbound by earthly insanity


If I only knew why red rivers flow away from a life in torment
I can't conceive why a glorified lifestyle like this is so appealing
Why are there no other choices?
Why do we feel this is how we need to survive?

If I only knew why death surrounds
I can't conceive your reasoning
If I only knew what will be left
Shattered hopes and dreams

Your excuse is unacceptable
I can't relate to what you have to say


Tear heart from flesh - Blood stained canvas
Delve into darkness - Cannot fathom life to scared to fathom death

As venom slowly poisons

Paralysis sets in - Stiff and lifeless
Pain begins to sear the mind - Drawn and quartered by anguish


Stench of impurity - Embellished within addiction
Drown in the depths of cleansing waters
Claw and scrape through darkened walls
Flesh and mind lapse into one victim of vice


Swimming through a false consciousness
Looking for an answer
Waiting for it to come to me
I can't see forward in this world of darkness
A veil of pain covers my eyes

Waiting for it to come to me - Waiting aimlessly

I wish this world would be over
But my wishes are obsolete
In this world of beginnings
I'm looking forward to the end

Images appear from nothing

Grasp for air - Grasp for life - Grasp for air