Flagellum Dei tracks


1. 7.62

Caliber of my rage
Made with a touch of disgrace
Nothing can stop me now
Death is my name

Colt is my hate
Turns this into an empty place
I hold the power of mayhem
Sight of untrue pray

Full metal, full metal jacket 7.62
Full metal, full metal jacket 7.62

One shot, one kill.
I see red.


Under siege of my ideals and my conflicts
I started to question myself
“I’ll either be the refuge or the hero”

Taken by revulsion,
I only imagine the bereavement
Upon their deathbeds

I am like few, rare and lethal
Revenge is my sacrifice
But I can’t go alone
This is the moment, destroying all of men's beliefs
In this battle everyone is my enemy, it’s no time for innocence, for my sadness has shed, a body fell to the Ground.

Baptized in blood I marched to war,
In the name of god and my insanity

It’s me against the world, this is my ideal, I shock the World baptizing in blood


God’s flagellation is more than the eyes can see
Behold your wishes are what make him bleed

I believe what I can see
I believe what I can hear
I believe what I can taste
I believe what I can feel
I make my laws
I follow my rules
God’s flagellation starts now
I am the flagellum dei
Anti-god terrorist face


I hear the screams
Coming from the blast
Under the black sun
Now here I am
From hell and back
Under the black sun
The testimony of unearthly faith
Is the nature of discordia
Antithesis of giving life to the scum
Revival by the blood of the damned
Shed and offered
In honor of thy unholy star
The gathering shall live forevermore
The abjuration of sacred life
Mighty pest flowing through me


From its birth, the black light will shine upon our souls
It will convulse the earth
Annunciation will be proclaimed
Alfa and omega will be released
As the lightning comes from the east
And flashes from the west,
That will be the coming of the son of beast.
But the day of them will come, like thieves in the night,
In which the heavens will pass away with great noise,
Osmotic haeresis
And the elements will melt with fervent heat;
Both the earth and the works will be burned up.
The worm that lived in your body is now dead


Sweet disease running in my veins
Smells like sorrow, fear and pain
Black blisters blown up in my brain
Nothing but ashes shall remain
My fault
Condemned by hate
My fault
Poisoned by faith
Affliction runs down by the bloody river
Suffocating my reason
Beyond our arms, beyond our breath
Who will set me free?
The last step, bullet in my head


Life for life
Forgotten by god, rise up!
Eye for an eye
Death by death
Anti-god, rise up!
Every day, battles are grand
Death's on your feet
The trial is done
Fallen into the gutter
With anger and death
Building an Empire
In this territory
From the hills, he controls all movement
Creating insanity, bringing the pain
People crawling out in disgrace
Revenge is so truthful
Your god will fall at my feet.
All denying the one god.
Chaos will be the new order
Symbol of man's inherent nature
Redeemer by the blood
Adversary to all spiritual creeds
Lex taliionis viam meam
Kill god
Revenge is so truthful
Your god will fall at my feet.
All denying the one god.
Chaos will be the new order
Only the path of fire
Will bring freedom to all
Lex taliionis viam meam


Warlord, I invoke you
With your weapons at hand
Lord of the land
Tear down the skies
Destroy the enemies
Grand knight
Break the chains
Your victory is imminent
Supreme commander
Master of all battles
Conquer the earth

In battle
We claim for you
Bringer of war
Lord of all battles

Lord of all battles and wars
The honored warrior
Destroy the enemies
Protect your soldiers
Cross the clouds of fire
Honor your followers
Courage, honor and pride
These are the decrees
Conquering the earth




Who are you?
Who is the next?
Listen to voices from the past?
Orders you to lie down in a void
Bring me your head to deploy

The instant insurgency
You take only one sacrifice
Just for your own salvation
Pleasure becomes a vice
Addicted in that thing who turned my life

I give you a whole new life
Under oath you will hear my commands
The edge of the knife
Flowing through your hands

Refuse to be innocent
Wounds of insurgence