Functioning on Impatience tracks



What more do you want from me? Some sort of apology?
Well I promise that forgiveness is the most you'll
get. And what I demand of you is to put up or shut up.
So make your decision, but remember - you can't kill
us all. I know you don't know what you say but I don't
feel any safer from you. Hate is too easy and we'll
both find a way to be right. No matter how far a
stretch. And even now I've all but forgotten what
we're fighting for. To end something or to begin it? I
don't even know why I care to continue. Old habits die
hard I guess. But we don't. And the threats are still
made. I'll kill you. Even though turning away seems
safer. I want to be in the middle. I want to go for
the jugular, but I don't remember why. Was it to start
something or to end it? I know why I continue. I do it
all for them. For her I can be an influence and for
them a backbone. To end the old and begin a new age of
compromise and clear thinking.




"I run with the pack, with every freedom. I am god,
selfishness embodied strong enough to build this
mountain. A barrier you're cowardly to call by it's
proper name." I am a man who screams aloud as for I am
nothing, humility exercised honest enough to humble
any man who seeks peace. And I call it by its name.
"jealousy" It turns the kindest of men green with rage
and eats them from inside. I've climbed your mountain
and found it to be no more than a mole hill compared
to the hate you harbor for christ. I'd call it by it's
name if it had one. Rebellion against faith based on
it's failed followers. A rotting fool tied upon our
necks that carry the blood of the crusades and the
misunderstanding of homosexuality. Ammo, nothing but.
A different time and a different language for a
different people. Where morals were a foundation and
not controversial. I am a man who's screamed for far
too long and near the end of his rope. .


He took on a shade of green long ago. And many a fool
along the way have been lost to this. I know you can't
afford to be wrong. And we can't either. We want it
back. I can't afford to lose you. But that's not what
this is about. If love ever had a second name it's
attachment. And if you had an ounce of common sense
you would be witness to this. but try your best not to
be of this world. Fly with the rest of your glassy
eyed angels. Straight to heaven gate and don't forget
your spare change to horde and render useless. Gold
was always more valuable than bread in the stomachs of
the starving. And you dare say I'm godless (filthy)
less evolved, sure to be stuck in my rut. Well I say
you're gutless. The first in line to be our rip off
artist. The first to change your name to push more
product. We finally got it back from the clutches of
absurdity. And our bond is measured by nothing. No
books, no rounds, no quotas, and certainly not by how
many units sold. I tell you krishna's dead to me along
with my love for extremes. I tell you krishna's dead!
So tell me to go to hell for all I care. Life without
love is no different. I've been there and it offered
no hope. Dead is dead.


Farewell friend until tomorrow. Where you are still
nitpicking our diets and names. The potential is still
there yet it's somehow unexpected. I'll show you
courage if you show me responsibility. Something lost
long ago in trying to please everyone. In pleasing
ourselves. If it feels good it must be right. Right?
So what's a child? A fetus or kink in sexual
revolution and what am I? A threat, a kink in
political consistency. More name games and more
personal choice. So where's mine? Or are you to deal
me such luxuries. Call me what I am and mean every
word. Be prepared to take yours. You see you're not
along. I'll show you responsibility if you show me
reasoning. Something you never possessed. You always
coveted anger and vengeance. But for what? One less
bite, one less burden. I'm sick of being the bastard.
Keep your fight and know i'll keep mine.


I'm listening but I can't believe the arrogance I'm
constantly bombarded with. If I were a lazy man I
could swallow the debt you put us in. But now, I fear
that maybe I can't roll with these punches. I don't
want to be that man. Independence is all me have but
that's now becoming a joke by your actions. I don't
want to be that man who let it all go and found out
how sweet revenge really is. So sweet it consumed me
and pushed me toward crime. Oh, only if you put in the
hours I have to make this work. Put in the time I
think you want me to beg for what I work so hard for.
Simple independence. All I ever wanted was for
everyone to be content and safe. I won't be that man.


If you leave me to be the outsider looking in, then I
am finally home. I have a name and it isn't guilt.
That never moved me an inch. If common sense and
common decency aren't enough then leave me behind and
consider yourself weeded out. If you have the taste
for guilt and feed on lies then leave me behind and
consider me sold out. And this sell out will keep
screaming with the voice to push you to violence.
Every word proof you can't handle any different. Every
blow proof that you have no intentions of equality. If
you make decisions color-based and call that power
then leave me behind and I won't say a word. I'll just
wait until you kill yourselves over nothing but flesh
one thing's sure to die. As political trends keep
coming, demanding godlessness. I'll just continue
forward, my only intention all along. So look
somewhere else for revolution. My disgust for details
is nothing revolutionary