Les Enfants Sauvages tracks





Jealousy will crush you to the bones
Unless you open up and let it go
I've only seen too much of it
I'm bursting open while you set the tone

You ignored this furry too long, I explode
Bring back to life this anger, let it grow
Put aside mind traps and false beliefs
These heavy weights created pull you down

The mask you wear is falling
Try on and watch it fall
Hands down you feel the moment
Releasing out a lifetime

All prayers to these gods
While the tide is growing high
Will you make us stronger
When you strike us down ?


Water of chaos
Have invaded all space
The flood on earth again
I have to find the whales
That once did guides us
To dry lands of life
I won't despair
I'll break this dark all around

Under the heavy sea
I'll search the flight of whales

Beneath the seas I searched
And had a different view
Of us on earth :
The sinking ship of men
But it's beyond the stars
I found the place
Where they were
And they finally came to light

Over the winds
They dwell in light
Like the arrow in the sky
I found myself on higher grounds
From up here
For I see them in flight

Now I can see the whales
Looming out of the dark
Like arrows in the sky
I can't believe my eyes
But it's true

Huge tunnel ends in light
Like banks of clouds they gather
See massive shape of flesh
Swimming giants in the clear
The mightiest comes to me
I'm on the wing, wide open
They teach me how to fly
Slowly moving in the air
They dance

So much told with no words at all
Powerful presence for only speech

Over the winds
They dwell in light


On this rock I lie
But I'm alive for good
And I just free myself now
From all what was wrong
Break the unbreakable

All the stars
Fearlessly bright
They call me out there
Order me to face the wind
My structure's alive,
My body's on the way
Don't bow down
Before the walls
Of fear and madness
They try to counter me
And strike me down
To the ground again

The strength of fire
Is running through me
Spike like beam of light
What mortal could ever
Break this force
I see at last
My backbone straighten
Thy serpent made of bones
Finally rise up
From the ground awaken

Beat your feet
On the ground now, go !


Lay down fall away
Lie awake
Just cannot move
My arms and legs
I'm paralyzed
Don't recall how to free
Myself from this
In the heart of the dark
My face contorted
Don't know how to reach the light
But I feel so bad
Like a freak in a cage

Open the door
Enter your heart
You go so far

Golden unworldly silence
Space flight at speed of light
I cross the clouds and colours
The black hole is calling me
I slide on the horizon
On the frontier not to cross
Black dwarf
Time's gone distorted
In the heart of the dark
A whirl of light

Enter in
The realm of nothingness
I feel the cold, my eyes are shut
My fear is slowly dying
Light years from here
Are my thoughts and cages
I can hear their moan
But now a long deep breath
Is calling

Overtaking time
And now understanding space
I feel united
I do cross light
Feel the living
Here in the centre
Stands the light of love
That never can be touched
From greater silence
Shall return


So god I've been trying to match
It doesn't work
I'm trying
I don't know
the aberration of this world I try to deal with
I've killed the other day I was raging
The pain is gone but
the denial
runaway from institutions
I owe my self life

There's no way I will respond this pression anger flowing through me
There's light in this world I fight fuck
The reason you won't leave this cage
Betrayed your child with desire
But you'll uncertainly reveal yourself
Forgot create your own life



Mysterious form, soul in the dark
under this heavy sealing concrete waves
Followed by servants, funeral cortege
this pale ghost is gathering his strength

Ghost, pale, the procession is crawling

Plastic form dead things it is now so clear
How could I fail to understand
Cities are burning the trees are dying
My heart awake but still
pain is killing me
Pain is killing me

Take this pestilent destruction out of my way
The great pacific garbage patch is exhausting
And the world is sliding away
in a vortex of floating refuse
With the sacred one you have lost

Plastic bag in the sea (x4)


And even in our sleep
Pain that cannot forget
Falls drop by drop upon the heart

Andin our own despair
Against our will
Comes wisdom to us
By the awful grace of god>

Ease your pain
I cannot
With suffering
I don't

He who learns must suffer
And even in our sleep
Pain falls drop by drop
Upon the heart

Against our will
Wisdom comes

9. JAM

(No lyrics available)


Serpent of light, movement of the soul
crawling stately along the spine
Mighty phoenix, from the ashes arises
Firebird cycle, life, regenerate the cell

Life burns fierce, reduced to ashes
Resurrection from the flame, ageless process
Quest for absolution, out of bounds introspect
Self-consuming womb, ever-present, meet no end

It seems like I always knew this
since I'm a child I can feel it
My inner light everlasting
revolving within a circle

Extended wings I'm flying
over the valleys and planes
The curve of space I'm leaving
death is just an illusion

Oroborus symbol of eternal life
dig a tunnel through light, through ignorant walls
I'm counting the days but I'm dying
Grow up with impatience I'm falling down

On the peaks of radiant mountains
this truth is growing before before me
My attention fixed on this silence
Rediscover life while I'm breathing

Designing the shape of material
Frozen icon distant reminder
Mankind has forgotten the gateways
By the mouth of the serpent regenerate




I've been a victim to the blade against myself
Bloodletting all of my soul
Sucked in, paralyzed in this vortex
Reduced to the silence
In the dark Ive lingered too long
This sharpened axe, beam of light
I reach for and I master
Wield against these shadows

Its purpose now revealed in silence
Keep searching, question if this light ends

Now I will strike and dig with precision
Introspective eye, erase the concept
I lost my fears and the notion of time
I healed my sorrow
All boundaries are illusion
When you reach the center light
And reinforce the striking power
By chance you're followed

Its purpose now revealed in silence
Keep searching, question if this light ends

All ghosts dwelling in, inside, in the heart
I see them all, release their shadow


We leave the shores to see the mountains rising
A distant impression grwoing
This judgement creates the pain in we hold
Destructive intentions that serve no purpose
But the end of us all
These vultures from the past, coming
In all the hells and worlds, the time has come
Delivered from their eyes
Embrace, suffer, destroy - gift of guilt
The shame and sorrow, self-condemnation
Fill all the gaps and the spaces, unyielding
Bestowed upon us, devastating power
We're building connective tissue to a maze of lies
We're left as starving orphans
The vital core is gone
Our sins are all over and over again we swallow
We're sick and tired when this wind blows
The reflex is insane
We must forgive and stop blaming ourselves for this love
These vultures from the past, coming
In all the hells and worlds, the time has come
Delivered from their eyes
I'm leaving this behind - the gift of guilt