Libertine Dissolves tracks



I married into the fly trap
I sunk into suburban sand
Victimized by restlessness
Blacking out in the lion's mouth.
I laughed at the cigarette stain;
Inhaling black on the blinds
And cried at the digital bulb blasts
On the frames of my memory
I am transparent.
Denied, segregate from the obvious.
Drunk and despairing--sick.
"I loved a girl I'll never speak to again.
I spoke to a girl I never stopped loving".
I am transparent, denied, segregate from the obvious


Conjugate the spilled verbs; which is best for regret?
Which allows your heavy eyes to sleep?
Where has God gone wrong?
Shake the hand of your deepest fear.
Was it not your hero who saw when you wept?
Could you call if you began to weep?
Where has God gone wrong?
Her glassy eyes still feel the warmth
So carry on to seas of bliss
And heal your heart with those you miss.
Weighed down by stone doves.
Hand in hand through dooms of love.