Decapitated (PL)

Organic Hallucinosis tracks



Waiting on Death Row
People coming in overalls
Taking me to the gas chamber
Scuffling of feet
They took him down the hallway
Feeling everyone's heartbeat
The central control of the soul
Batons and retro-tons
Ingrown toenails
One time all around you
All round you, bump-bump
Save my air, save my air
My air, my air
Air, water, trees
Machines eating the night
Energy moving
Nuclear fires
Burning reactors on my gate
Fires of hell are burning
Come home
Can you see
Can you say
That you say
That you really love this place?

Poem by Charles Manson

2. DAY 69

(The) shaft of daylight melts dirty panes
(The) stench of life pulls them out from (their) dreams
Those living wastes on the streets outside
Woken up again with no place to hide

Daily food like shit and beer
Daily bread as tough as steel
(And) this taste is stronger than heroine
I open cardboard door to see
An empty faces flowing by... like a stream
As a river of shit pours over me
(The) secretions of city mass machine
Sewers running thru my veins
Acid corroding remains of my brain...


Floating in this world of satisfaction
Contentment for an immeasurable time
Echo's vibrated my universe
The universe of endless dreams... dreams... dreams...

All objects complete in themselves,
Many worlds buried in them,
Each world as worlds and objects endlessly,
Everything continuously in flux,
New things from new they born.

Existing in a timeless pulsation,
Reached many eternities
Akin with infinity, akin with death.
I'm breaking all barriers.
(Revelation of existence. Eternity...)

Unknown peace descended over me,
Not that I was familiar with,
The peace that descends when life transcends to death.
Death... the beginning of eternal silence.


Sodium sunrise burns my eyes
Electric charged reanimation
I must recombine my (scattered) mind
After techno-crucifixion

Growling engines/transmitting praise
Audio sensors detecting waves
The factory/reanimates me
As a post organic form of life

Vacuum breath on the surface
Of my positron skin
Covered by the barbed wire
And life-proof membrane

I'm the factory's newest product
Son of serialized destruction
Perfect body - perfect soul
Reborn as a post organic form of life

Oxygen - no longer needed
Brain - lobotomized
Heart - pumping cyanide
Arms - mechanized
Eyes - throwing x-rays
Tissues - mummified
Erased - my memory
All the rest is vaporized

Baptized in a lake of acid tears
I am resurrected in toxic soil
Hardware body - software soul
In post organic form/appeared

I've seen the android god preaching
Radiating his nuclear love
I've seen the world around
Bewitched in a pill of mescaline


Bastard, Lizard! lick my wounds
Lucid dreams, (our) world turns to chaos
Demonic shadows floating in blood
Waiting for me to fall asleep

(They whisper... Deep...)

Inside my head an outstanding pain
Millions of voices screaming for help
Their/venom poured all over me
An essence (of hate)
So powerful it destroys

(Help me...!!!)

My visions all flounder in the whirl
Of blood storm. See, feel, smell
I see plastic Jesus nailed to the cross

The black hole of nothingness absorbs all...

(I) see, (I) feel, smell...

Doom, nihility, holocaust comes
The cataclysm I have feared... Comes
Doom, nihility, holocaust comes

Organic hallucinosis,
Organic hallucinations,
Organic... visual delusion

Stench of rotting flesh
Melted seas of human hate
Doom, nihility, holocaust comes
The cataclysm I have feared... Comes
Doom, nihility, holocaust comes

Why must I to be born,
Why must I to be born to this?
To feel my heart and limbs torn,
To see and dream throse these fears
And shed my poisoned tears?

Cut myself, release the blood
My time has come,
Why must I be born?

Organic hallucinosis,
Organic hallucinations,
Organic... Visual delusion

Cutting my veins, infecting my brain
Burn my throat burn my eyes
Throbbing pain throbbing brain
Heavy lids heavy thoughts

Bitter throat pumping blood
Oh fuck...!!!


Black worms and exclamations
Challenge of spoken lies
Holocaust - filled greed and ignorance
The Betrayal of human laws

Irruption of pain
Infection of sensual sickness
What are our secret fears?
Black in snow of ice tears...

Screams of lust echo through the earth
Striving for that final truth
Beckoning it with our call
Ignored by pain and misery

Beyond the bounds we flow
Searching for the exit
Goats under mass hypnosis
(Only) symbols of rape remain


Faceless faces in the "net"
Sleepless watchers of mankind (us)
The society of "chosen ones"
(No) traces left behind

Masked by mist and mystery
Dim lit heads, the masterminds
Transparent Faces - silent control
Yet knowing - the unknown

Motionless spawns, governers of life
Hold sway over the earth... (eternally)
Hidden faces, superior command
Owners (of the) portal, of mass control

Rulers of this plent. Lords of the flies (us!)
Raging wars, spreading lies, in control, over mankind.

We are the slaves. We the mass. (We the flies.)
Knowing nothing in the hands of imaginary gods.

Rulers of this plent. Lords of the flies (us!)
Raging wars, spreading lies, in control, over mankind.