Machinae Supremacy

Phantom Shadow tracks



"I want to sleep without knowing if I'd ever wake up... I wasn't made for the world I left behind... I was... incompatible. But the world changed."


Where I was, not one to follow
You gave me something I did not believe
was ever meant for me
Oh my god, I

I am grateful, you know that
But I have nothing to give in return for this
My life for what?
What else was I good for?

You know me
I can’t be redeemed
What do you want from me?
You took me out of play
and now you choose to free me again?
I have no cause
I don’t believe
I kill, that’s all I know
I am the villain of this story,
what else could I ever be?

My penance weaved into this conflict,
this hidden war
I can’t believe
you gave me back what I thought for sure lost

But I don’t see what I can do here
What is it you want me to be for you?
My life for what?
What else was I good for?

Even though I can’t feel what you feel
I understand, and we move forward
Better than alone
Yeah, I am

I'm so much better by your side than lost in night
I have my own reasons

But I’ll believe for you


I had set eyes on you
when they made their move
Finally dawned on me that night
when they came for you
This was all part of His design,
I was supposed to find you
and take out those would attempt to take you (out)

I can’t see why I am here
if not to be what you can never

I will play my part
For Him, for you and for us all
I am the one,
The Perfect Dark, The Enemy
I’ll tear out their hearts
Bring the fall, The End of All
I am the one,
The Perfect Dark, The Enemy

You wanna know what I am
You have doubts, I get that
I was someone different but then He came
He got me out
You have nothing to fear from me,
I will never harm you,
I will always do what He wants me to, and

I can’t see why I am here
if not to be what you can never

I can stay, I can leave
But what if you need me?
You want peace of mind
or do you want to be alive?
He left me here because he knew
that you would need me
and what I can do


What was is done
I seek no forgiveness,
I won’t claim this day as ours
Though one less “hero” to watch out for,
and we still live

We are as we have always been,
(it’s) as if only now
this got real for you
This is no game, I know all too well
This was what I lived,
this was all that I knew once


Not everything
has to mean something
They found us in spite of me
And They know now that we won’t go

Not quietly


You know that you are epic
in the world where you escape
Skills are honed with severity
as your enemies despair
Why do you believe
that you are less than that in this outfit?
Trust me you have trained for this for years

So no, this is not the time for you to lay in wait
You have battled a million times and
now pony up for war
Death and brutal injury
are all legit concerns of course,
but weighed up and surpassed by the rewards

Why don’t you play it like a game?
If that is all you know
why not display some fucking mad skills

Bring it on right now

Our reality is broken now
We are forgotten, we are lost
and we’re disconnected
Put on your game-face
and reset that switch inside
Descend your throne of games
and stand with us with pride


"If she beats him, she must surely be powerful. But, why have we never seen her before? She is someone new. Or someone old."


Out of nowhere
Too fast, too fast,
Go, run now, I’ll hold them back
I know you don’t know, how could you,
(but) I have seen these things before

Meet our generation zero
the soulless, the first of my kind
They were given tremendous power
but the trial destroyed their minds

So, who is in control?
Who could ever wield such a weapon?
And how do I fight them all?

You, face me and deal with me
Beast or not, you will bleed for me
I will make you suffer in kind
You, chase me and dance with me
I will take most of you with me
before I fall, before I go down

Forced to this life, as I was,
and there the similarities end
I don’t know, I just don’t know how
I don’t think I can win

I suppose, a fitting end
I give you one last gift, but
you will have to promise me that you
will live to see another day
All I ask of you is

Just get away


No, not that way






We were young and tough and serious
and the world our enemy
But now is different
We are all that stands between

I see you’ve met my new pet
Tell your crew to back away
They don’t want that kind of hurt

Trust me

You went on alone,
now it’s time
for you to come back in from the cold, again
We stand alone but we are
like you once were,
warriors who heard the call
(for all)

It was easy being fearless
when the pain was never real
But now is different
We are all that stands between
the end of the world that we know
and what we have right here
We need you in this war

Trust me

Used to be a single voice that vanished in a crowd
Vague just like a distant sun when hidden by the clouds
Found a way to surface and to speak my truth aloud

Be powerful

Stand fast and proud.


I was at a crossroads,
and I was done
But seems as though
I still stand second to none
even now

Fought my fate and it set me free
with nought but darkness in heart
Mark this day and what I decree
I will show the world who we are

I have this soul now inside me
I need to

I have been asleep for so long
for so long
Whatever happened?
Now the world is coming down around me
Brought back to life again
by allies of days gone by
Whatever was is now a lie
a lie

I was always faster than everyone
I don't need a weapon,
don't need my gun
(to) show you how

I’m trying to hang on
My soul is weak but I will be strong
We are all where we belong
And I need you all to be right here with me

Don’t want these final days of mine to have meant nothing
and if I should die at least I died for something
Don’t want these final days of mine to all go wasted
I will no longer stay in line


You know by now I’m not ‘The One’
But I can be the one you need
What you believe
I will defeat all greater evils
make them bleed

I’m so done with complacency
I’ve picked my allies and my enemy
Made my choice and now I stand with you
I’ll see it through

I thrive on murder but a fight is still a fight and I
suppose I might as well fight for what is right to make it up this time
Suppress that darkness in me
What I once was and would be were it not for those who still hold on to me
Those who would call themselves allies of mine,
Brothers, Sisters and Friends of mine
Until the end of time

So what if I am not ‘The One’?
Whatever difference does it make?
You still believe that I’ll defeat them anyway
That I will break their hold on everything
I’ve picked my allies and my enemy
Made my choice and now I stand with you
I’ll see it through

It fuels the fire in my eyes
Promise me that we will kill them all,
no other justice will suffice

And now that you are here with me again
Where do we go?
I failed you, I lost one of them
I’m so so sorry

But you left me all alone


"I know now why you brought me back. You gave me a chance to make up for everything I've done and I'm... grateful. But you forget... Redemption was never really my thing."


I don’t believe my eyes
Is it really you,
are you really here?
Is it really you?
You were dead and gone,
but now here you are

Here you are

But you are Different now, I see
They have turned you into what I used to be
(No,) more a Phantom than the old me, really
And you have come to fight with me?
I wish this would not be
I wish it wasn’t up to me to end you

But even so, here we are
No reason
No regret
No words to say

So be it


you look so different in this light
I see you
as if for the first time ever
I will still stand with you in this fight
but you and I are through
I know now that I am better than you

You know it's true
Now get the fuck out of my way, old man

The world around us cast in flames
Gods will rise and then fall again
in a light that fades and dies away
Do you feel?
We arrive at the final seal
The last of us and the God Machine
in a light that fades and dies away

If only you knew what it meant to me
to see you now
your own wings extended and proud
I wanted you to find your own truth
your own why and how
And now I can free you
from what you’ve been through

You know it’s true
I release you, so go now, my child




The sequence has begun, it’s too late
The machine comes alive, it’s awake
What’ll happen if I don’t?
What if I can’t or I won’t go?
And what awaits me beyond,
(what) awaits me beyond

All my angels are gone, I’m alone
What is left for me here? I don’t know
What’ll happen if I don’t?
What if I can’t or I won’t go?
I see no other way out of this
I see no other way

Gather all who remain here
This will be an epic display
Touch the fire's embrace
and die

I've no fear,
I have no remorse
I will do this for you,
and because
I wanna see how it ends
I wanna know what awaits
beyond these walls

I have lost so much
I don’t know what else there is
When is it enough?
I can’t quit, I won't give up
This is not my end
I know that for certain now
This is something else
A new day; a different self