Decapitated (PL)

Polish Assault tracks




The body of god who died and rose from the dead
The eye of the body which will never be killed
First trinity above the earth taking care
And the god of the night, desert, and storm
Your stony cemeteries
Impossible to destroy, above time flowing
In the gloom of the night
In the light of the eye of horus
They last
Eternal truth, power of words and knowledge
The river of life, the land of the dead
Fathers of the moon, creators of clandestine books
And son of su, cursed, powerful
Gods with stolen names
Rituals forgotten forever
Gods of the land which doesnt exist
The eye of horus a monument of the world
Which is left to oblivion


It was night when they came
Evil and deceit were hidden under frocks
On their necks-crosses in their hands-swords
They came to kill on behalf of their God
Dissimilarity is imprisoned
In the darkness of the dungeons
The old faith impaled on the stake
Old holy groves were destroyed
In the name of the cross
Against other people
Against the truth
Against everyone
Against yourself
Tortures of liberated souls
Which are decaying in the cells of the ecclesiastical strongholds
The knights of good are distributing death
Spreading violence in the name of God


I in the abyss on the ruins of my dreams
My burnt world god treads on the cinders
Envy and revenge two sisters I am their brother
Is it my fault that I am a human being?
I won't forget how the wind was blowing in your gardens
I was your knight I was a traitor
I, created to die, to fall into the abyss
My existence for you to have your flower
Your gardens grow on my soul
The roots of your trees draw juice from my blood
And yield fruit from my wounds
Your world comes from my pain
My wandering your triumph my cry for you to existmy feelings, longing, and rebellion
I suffer at the bottom unnecessary for you
For the first time the question - why me?
The fire won't flare up in my soul
Chained to my dreams forever
Unfulfilled, unreal but I last
And I'll be a thorn in your eye forever


When the warriors of the gloom came
When the wolf of the night conquered the sun
Time of revenge and death set in
The sons of fire shed the blood of gods
Nine steps towards victory of the night
Nine steps to the comeback of chaos
Nine steps to eternal darkness
Nine steps to death
When the time of the northern rulers was over
Like a drop of blood in the sea of eternity
Thor's blood sealed up their end
The dusk of gods set in
But their names will never be forgotten
The memory of these centuries will never pass away
Thor's blood still flows in the northern rivers
Thor's hammer will shed the fresh blood again





Blinding, choking, our lives constrict, stallow Misconceptions can
Be brought.
Lost in ill neglect
In the Shadow of Misconception,
Misguide opinions, fatal endings
Destroy all happiness from the start,
Thoughtless in cold visions.
Lies hope/no hope.
The values of humanity cave in.


...Foetus was growing
At the cost
Of uterus mother's organism...
My thoughts
Has gone in torture
I hear - why !?
I don't I feel touch.
I torture other vicim - why !?
Question why scoring
I say to you?
Degenerated conception of creepy
Created by aversion & death
Vision of their own nation
I remember moment
Saturated with
Looking at massacre - why ?
Innocent's blood is
All over my body
Deep in me there is
Degeneration & inside
Murder by the reason
Cruelty by own
Children's blood
Created by system of hatred
Changed into beast
...From unsewed stomach is
Coming baby
Small in mother's blood,
Stumps cut navels
Around their throats
Mother's blood mixed
With young stuff
Demonic orgy, woman's anatomy
I'm guilty in brain torture
I hear - why question
Nation's death - why


Generated of hatred ganetically
Wasted creature
Development killingly attacked
With morbid violence
Patiently endured pain
And sneering laughs...
...They generated only inside attack!
Real madness fight with the brain
Exceedingly wanting to discharge
Eyes can see the evil... Feel the attack
Live normally
Alone fight the fading mind
Extremity brutally
Threat's the revenge
Life's been jailed
Eyes can see the evil... Felt pain themselves
Absurd attack of animal rage
Made a cripple out of the oppressor
He'll look nobody
In the eyes
Eyes don't see anymore



My Kingdown rises
As the others fall...
Curse me!
I want to feel this rage
Punish me!
It's a sap for my trees
No forgiveness
World in flames of ecstasy
Jesus christ closed his eyes
No man can see the light of my black sin
Blessed your lunatic black hearts
Deformed by bastards by envy - not yours
I come to you my children
Dress me with pain
Of savage pleasures
Your rejoice will be mine
As feeding on horned angels tears


To the New Light!
Guided by darkness
Sons of luciferian fire
Blacker than blackness
Where blissful silence
For those who can hear
What is Below, is Below
Shall stay behind
Let us drink this filthy life
From the chalice of malediction
Unholy ways on which we stride
Unholy waters in which we drown
The Fiery Serpent wreathes in my bowels
Deadly cure I inject
To be like they are, against them
Only king can be a beggar
Never inversely
And the flesh became a word
Here are our voices of hatred
Won't tolerate the pride
Drawled from the sources of ignorance
Forbidden shall be forbidden
Covered shall be covered


Let Heavens hear our cries
Anthems of eternal adoration
Crushing the house of divine charity
We want god, Our Will
Let be the breath of our deeds
Nails driven into his holy flesh
Will crush the house of divine charity
Let it be our destiny
We're waiting for your sign
We'll greet you with embrace of death
We want god
Burning in rapture
We want god
Kill him!
Don't be afraid... just leave your concealment


Worshippers of silence
Don't tell me about it's majesty
You're troubling with your cursed yell
Eternal dream of my lover
Let your lips become silent forever
Worshippers of mystery
Never able to be known
Shake up black pearls
Of your own surmises
My Temple is not for your sake
And the sweetness of Divine Satisfaction
Do reverence to mighty lord
He appeases oceans haunted by fury
And slakes the burning fire
In the heart of every... slave
With voluptuous glance
I'm charming
With the greedy palms
I'm tearing the rags of deceit
He's naked, weak
Look at me!
I'm burning his eyes with my growing desire
Don't chant my name
Worshippers of everyone
Calmed down revolt
Poisoned with spirit degradation
As the biggest servant on the Earth
Here's the power conferred upon you
Clandestine circle which shall never be
My Temple is not for your sake
And the sweetness of Divine Satisfaction





Uncontrolled power of bedevilment of bodies
It's uncontrolled during its eternal quest
Immensity of suffering
Closed in the dark crypt
Crypt of suffering is open to the undead
Silent scream of suffering wrested from the depth of soul!!!
Lame bodies are spattered by the dark blood
Thousand inflicted wounds of the invisible weapon
... Is open to the undead
Certificate of superiority gives tremendous power
Formidable force that can destroy the weak
I want to die
Being revived I will taste a fight
And I will become bare of the wrong theories
I drink blood dripping with the new black
I will be seized with a free spirit
I am reviving !


He is bleeding from the suffering
Prostrate yourself before him
It's a grain, chaos of soul
He is killing vomiting world
Absorbing life with greed
An embryo is guaffing his mucus!!!
He is dying in darkness
Fid on insanity
The sponger inside fresh soul
He is whimpering
A child dripping with venom
He is tossing in agony
Groans of endless death
Roar symphony of wild satiation
A hope polluted with gangrene
Must have been condemned fortress!


Three dimensional projection of universal time
Closed into unbelievable, everabsorbing circle
The pentagram, cold and darkness
Eternal, endless harmony
The abyss of time, frozen forever
Covered by darkness
Closed thoughts, burden for flesh
Bloddless, harmed by unexisted black haze
Open wounds of the bottom of fresh thoughts
Covered by darkness...


The myth - exiled from the creater of many worlds
Pushed out from the spheres of inability
Eternal but born in the name of hate
Sunk in the black abyss of madness
The ancient myth from the age of darkness
Stripped by those who wanted to see future
Bloody brotherhood, accepted by the honour of looseness
Psychical torment cracked with every heartbeat
Flesh covered by the black shine of blood
The taste of unbeaten power of darkness
Suffering and pain, forgotten for the creatures of primitive condemnation
Intensity of suffering, signs of extasy
Belief of eternity and wishes of knowing the darkness
Climax in the hands of madness
You live faster than your life can stand
The ancient myth from the age of looseness
Eternal but born in the name of hate
Stripped by those who wanted to be calm
Forever more...


Be dead, sail away of forgetfulness
Sink the heart in the undead's life
Astral body, conversion in the state of renovation
All aspects of life on earth
Restrined to a physical death
Destiny, awaiting for new gifts
Reincarnation, a new life, destiny
Impossibility of opposition
Tramp through time and immortality
Eternal fire to the end of time
Immortality of heart, hundreds of decayed bodies
Immortality of heart...