Praesidium tracks





Imperium et lustissimo
Atque optimo crudele,
Intolerandum factum est.

Cumshot on the holy cunt,
Mary nazaren's mother, lets follow me
where rabble dreams flames
And hopes tremble
Under Deepest remorses.
Ita potentia et avaritia sine modo polluere,
Omnia vastare nihil sancti habere.

So suck and pray to your son,
Save another worm to glorificate in hell?
Sweety virgin, Holy Spirit Bitch.
We are thousands and millions
And we are waiting for your generosity.

You'll lay down on a thorny and cold bed
And I'll dominate your cunt,
Every tears will become scream then delight
Between your legs
Eat your meal don't let it go cold...


It's time to escape because
The enemy breath
Is your neck,
Now escape while the messiah
Is laughing behind you

Run to your grave,
No way to salvation,
Look at your end
Crossing the bridge of nowhere
And sate yourself

The assassin, Prince of sentences,
Your worst brother
Will torture your body
Until your last pain sight
And will unleash hell's dogs
To finish your white soul
Preachers are dying
And the Serpent is looking for your faith,
Listen to Murder

Punishment, punishment
Si the Pleasure
Execution, execution
Is my great ambition
Now run, run...


People, whose eyes reflext the light od disciples
From the heart to the mud
Witch it hangs the corpse
Of the future of a world whose lymph is blood
Barren are the lands and estinguished
Are the lights, majestic si the end
Cold and immovable

We are in front of amoured landscapes
And we bow one's head under the same flame
That was reflected in our eyes
But that now blinds ourselves
We don't remember the ripe fruit
But we cry and we suffer
To feel from That

That inconscious and guilty creator
Of sons and life's illusion for other
Was light then again light throught
Heavy and immovable
And cold look
Without some to sight
We close the Eyes
And rocks from the song of memories


Was the light and suddenly night,
And the nature altar burned to the sky,
There's a soul behind your back,
And his majesty
Spoke about submission.

Weissmantten Stone on a village
In times of torture.
Glacial Tongues under eyes in fog.

Rain and snow, pain an fear
The only words that speak the stone!!

The oldest man went on the stone,
Spoke, then cried
And corpses danced,
People tears became red ice
and a new altar will shine in hell.
Weissmatten stone
That Theached to hearRain and snow pain and fear.


Conscience droves yout minds
To secret places
Materializing and image
Since ever repressed
Suffering we take away it
But we give nourishment
To out infernal son
Every childish reflection
Will be new fruth

Come with us to the begining
Behind the door that separate
Ourselves to our body
We can hear the storm and the sun
Distant for many years will shine
Only in the false room.

Our son, our Master
Single-handed sailor
Of a unique eternal sea
Now superb, now the king
Brought up to coss
The door of truth


Hours of my life
Become darkest
And death's mask shines
Into my eyes
Madness, dances,
Bellow my last throughts
The most malignant, the wisest
Ther's a new way in front of my body
There's a new way to nex cold hells
Like, a horseman dressed in black

I Crossed the longer forests,
And evil shows me the blood
Of my first enemy
I'll kill, I'll devastate
Your brother and your holy father
And when angels will fall down
I'll enjoy

In the name of malice
Under the look of Satan
Deepest hate for christian's faith
Is my only life reason
And nothing can illumate
My new empire
Because it lives to create
The definitive black,
I look ar world with new eyes,
My blades squirt blood on the altar


Up there, everywhere
Somebody is listning
Then near whispers and dominates
And his step's echo
Futures of his voice
Courts the hope's shadow

From up he's looking while every momen is light
Then dark
And crawing we scream
To not understand his walk
Near and heavy
And every shelter is pouring fire's images
And shines to hangman joy
Step bu step, the dark after the light
Chasing generated victims
Then renegated

Shines a perfect world hope
idy and silent
Reign of fire and light
Our hopes are Blind
Step bu step dark after light
The Hangman is here!


Schizophrenia increases in rotter minds
Now get this blaze
And cut my veins
Frozen screams will open

The infernal gates
Of Monastic walls
Hoe of salvation
Prayers to loundy saints

Festering Clausura
Lick the bloody sword while
Monks build it erect to sun
Hear bells of Satan from
The eternal abyss of darkness
Superbe images of priest
Will be immortal rubbish of life

Echeggiono i passi di leziose utopie
Nei lezzo profondo designano la razza
Festering Clausura nei giorno dei giudizio

Imperial shining churches
Will be dirty of