At The Gates

Promo Demo 1992 tracks



Ornaments in silent darkness,
The image of man now torn from its structure

The smell of need,
The dwarfed soul of man,
Attuned only to flesh
Suffering from frustration

Alien to our own spirits
We're naked even in death
The dawn is yet to come
To fill us with knowledge

Pulsating waves of colour,
Bleeding off into the black
A whisper of red screams through the night
The architects and the flesh


Ever-opening flower
Feed me seven notes of love
Let it's wine burn through my veins
And free my sould from it's pain

Urges rage my fevered mind
Held back by dead note, blind

By the seventh sign of the seventh son
The seventh sun stes forever in the dark sea of my mind

Never shall i smile, never shall I die

Sun be gone, end my world
Enter darkness, rich of pain
I'm eternal, forever to be free
I'm one with fire, a thousand sun burn in me

Ever-opening flower
Feed me seven notes of love
Urges rage in my mind
Held back dead notes, blind