Machinae Supremacy

Redeemer tracks


Redeemer (2006)

1. Elite
2. Rise
3. Fury
4. Ronin
5. Kaori Stomp
6. Hate
7. I Know The Reaper
8. Seventeen
9. The Cavern Of Lost Time
10. Rogue World Asylum
11. Through The Looking Glass
12. Oki Kumas Adventure
13. Reanimator
14. Prelude To Empire
15. Empire
16. Ghost

1. Elite

Do you find yourself in the air flying away?
Do you think that you're awake just because you are?

Don't you know? How could you not understand?

Anyone with their ear to the ground knows we will not be bound
You can push but you can't beat us down
we deliver the sound
We were born and belong underground but we are all around
You can try but you can't own this crown
it was ours to be found

There is no way that you could know where Murphy goes
If you fall down off the road you get back up again

Don't you know? How could you not understand?

did you doubt us from what came before?
were you not a believer?
here and now all your doubts are no more
this is redeemer

Do you think that you are awake?

2. Rise

Ever since I knew the hive
I've been accumulating misery
But I can see there are those who thrive
bloom in the age of Reality

Like legion they rise, my doomsday device

Inside, Somewhere inside
A different light, A different mind
Inside, Somewhere inside
I'd like to find a different kind of you

And in the urban hell where I live
jaded like strays in the street
white trash scattering their "cribs"
no more than assholes with feet

And somewhere along the line it seems
that "pimp" became cool and punk mainstream

3. Fury

And now I lay awake
my eyes unclosed
the fire snake
on our barren world tonight
Simple but supreme
the dragon roar
evil and mean
I hear it soar
not far above our world tonight

Now the immortal beast
descends on me
prepares to feast
my enemy
is taunting me to fight
Simple but supreme...

Nocturnal light and thunder blasting from the sky
The beast is hunting for a prey that can not die
But this is how it's always been since-since-since the dawn of time
and it will always be the dragon fury rhyme


An ancient beast that occupies the high above
A raging monster to be fearful of
Simple aggression purely spawned from Mother Earth
a true impression of the might of her

Now! Descend from above!
Now! Descend from above!

4. Ronin

our disease, everywhere I wander
I trail the song of your despair, everywhere
don't you breathe, don't you dare?

only life, do you care when it's gone?
who's side are you on anyway, do you care?
wanna stay ruled by your fear?

I don't know what it is that binds me to be like this,
we can't ever be at peace
carry on 'til we cease

Realize that I would
could spare you
if I only knew how to be another man
than the wanderer I am

Walk with me into the world that waits to be
Dawn the sea of the light that wants to be

Always ahead of the truth in us
Longing to be more than we are just because
Time holds a candle for each of us
Don't let it burn without meaning or a cause
Dawn is the promise of light
In the darkness where we hide

All the world is yours to keep
All you have to do is walk with me

5. Kaori Stomp

You're so cool, love the style
eyes crazy, hair like a child
a single taste, and I smile
truly free, running wild

You! Fly!

You got the style, ikasu
Ore wa oboete iru
When you are here, to hoka no
hitotachi ga mienaku natteshimau

unity in mind and in soul
dance for me
the sky is the stage
totally way out of control
and you can free
my mind from its cage

6. Hate

It will never be OK
no, they violated you
I have to make them pay
something primal, something strong
can't escape
and those who did you wrong
I hunt like prey

and it burns inside
the need to kill - I'm driven by
the crimson tide
meet my demon, meet my Hyde

I was the only one who knew
who held you
the system doesn't hear
nobody will listen to
I will see that they all know what you felt
and I just hate them
so hate them, I hate

and it burns inside (I burn alive)
the need to kill - I'm driven by
the crimson tide (the falling sky)
meet my demon, meet my Hyde

for the sum of the hurt
and for the hauntings in the night
they suffer this fairly
as they lie in the dirt
begging, pleading for their lives
I cover them slowly

7. I Know The Reaper

It ain't always merry
to notice there's a line
Life is kinda scary
when you are left behind
All the loved ones lost to you
used to be somewhere
you know you will follow too
and you don't really care to just go nowhere

And so you keep them all alive
(In your head)
I tell you I know The Reaper
No light and no eternal life
(what I said)
I tell you I know The Reaper

sweetest of all lies
one of everlasting life
No one wants to die
but we do, so we hide
What you fail to realize
is there's no need to fear
you live on in the hearts and minds
of those who hold you dear, who are right here

All the others
They already know The Reaper

And so you keep yourself alive
(in your head)
You don't wanna know The Reaper

8. Seventeen

we come to help, we deliver a savior
this is your chance at salvation
we can not abide by the savage behavior
of those in command of your nation

We turn over the stone as we poke
and harvest the world in democracy's name
And even though our own is a joke
we need yours to be all the same

We are the ones who are setting you free
now you can share our beliefs and be just like we
We bring you out from under tyranny
and into our economy

when it's all too late you will discover
that wanting to help is a lie
this is what we do, we exploit under cover
swift like a thief in the night

And when you're free to consume and to use
we will service you with everything we produce
Take it or leave it but know this one truth
We market this freedom for you
Live free or die.

9. The Cavern Of Lost Time