Machinae Supremacy

Rise of a Digital Nation tracks



This bleak and unbearable world
has left me cold and wanting
I need someone to make me feel. Real. Now!
Submerged and trapped beneath the ice,
without your light, without your eyes

I keep looking to find myself in me again

Alive in spite of it all
one with her
Once I aim for the win
I’ll find a way

all of my angels are right here with me
hold me as i ache from the things i have seen
i have all my angels and i am not alone
wake me if i turn to stone

But I will not go quietly
it’s not my time
‘s not meant to be
What can I do to make you hear. Me. Now?!

I touch the white upon the window sill
cracks are spidering across the glass
No one will see me if I hold perfectly still
This sense of hopelessness will surely pass

For reasons I have yet to understand
I know the world in ways I can’t explain
What I can see, it’s like the ocean next to land
It all seems futile and in vain


Strap down and dig your heals in
Prepare to kill them all
You’ll pull the trigger when it’s due

We need to silence all
and any doubt among us
So that we can do what we need to

Eight tons of armored steel
and any weapon you will need
Now is the time to prove that you are elite

Sun blazing in your back, defolding space as you attack
Skull fighters on your wing, now we react

her song leaves the other side in flight for their lives
now they are not long for this world

No one leaves, line up for inevitable wipeout
all you’ve done now it’s what you deserve

Split second call, heat seeker
One more goes up in flames
A million lights across your view

You have to prove your own worth to friend and foe alike
This weak display just will not do

They know you from afar
to be the weakest of them all
but that will change
when you still stand as they fall


She said, why’s it like this
unseen for what it is
Why do we remain without objection?
Answer’s so obvious
but why is it just to us?
When to most it offers no reflection

Is there anyone else alive out there?
Bring it to me!
I wanna know what it takes
to wake from this nightmare

what of those of us who can see
are we something different?
or are we to lead, define and believe in
all the fallen ones

We have the gift of breath
of thought and of memory
But what has no price can not be valued
I could not close my eyes
and not see what it means
And what is worse, I can’t explain it to you

I don’t just see it
I know, believe it


As per request, the unabridged repeat, the answer to
my understanding of the truth as it pertains to you

We are the last of the fated the lost and unseen
We reject whatever we were supposed to be

all eyes on me
gather all who believe
(we rise to reset the world)

though far apart, united by heart
(and fight forever)

We cast increasingly irrelevant designs aside
make room for our incendiary cultural divide

it is a cause for us to sing
it’s how we know that we will win
it’s true, you wouldn’t know
cause it can not be taught or shown

there are no gates to hold us back
and all your words are only that

And this is who we are


What you’re feeling, it’s nothing new
And it’s always something,
so what is wrong with you?

We find ourselves here, stuck inside
a never ending nightmare,
just trying to survive

All the roads away from here are blocked or burned beyond repair
The one way left to go is out but no one really cares

pieces of us always in bloom,
covering the walls of empty rooms
pieces of your soul sealed in this tomb,
by others’ influence on you
we can not go back but we’ll go through,
walk a mile in someone else’s shoes
the sum of all the pieces’ll have to do,
till we create the world anew

Fortunes are few and far between
Yet so many still believe that
one day that could be me

Misled by all these transplanted dreams
by free market values
and a just-world fallacy

Faithfully I wish to be the one to save this world from evil
but I’m only me and we need everyone for this

this is what they always do,
and all it takes to quiet you
is promise of a better view when you have paid your dues




Beyond and once again, you know how this is gonna end
the same way it always seems to do
Don’t yet know how to deal with what is obviously true
we are better than you

we are all equals here
and we fight for dominion tonight
we don’t ask color, race or creed,
dedicated, free-for-all

Passed through my line of sight
You are the one that caught my eye
I’m coming for you right now
Yeah you can try to hide
How many levels can you up
before I track you down and make you die?

we’ll light a fire under you
drop some tunes and just youtube the sight
but we are all on common ground
and we all stand tall


You will not repent
or right your wrongs
But we will make you

Weighed by all you’ve done you’ve learned to live
and to sleep at night in spite
But we are here en masse and make it right

We get off fighting evil,
expose to the world
For those who are able,
enlighten the herd

But we have no law no restriction
no line in the sand

We are underground
A faceless breed
And we can see you

We don’t forgive, we don’t forget,
we are Legion, above defeat
Now the world will break beneath our feet

We ally with no others
We come as we were
No one and nothing
in the eyes of the world
But we have the skills to undo you
and too idle hands


9. 99

The events that brought us here
all unfortunate, I fear
but can’t be helped
I am sincere
Envoy from the world below
take this message to your own
there was no way we could have known

Just pieces on the board all waiting to be moved
Tell me why I should care for you?

i stand above the world
in my glass enclave
and i can not be hurt
by the war and the harrowing waves

from high above the world
i see the ones depraved
they know to stay away
from our walls and the master slaves

I live life without remorse
out of sight is out of mind
no regard for their kind
In spite of everything I have
I owe no debt to those who don’t
I played the game and I won

10. HERO

They try to beat me
but they will not ever defeat me
This time we’re on my battleground
I’m gonna win, trust in me
I’ve come to save this world
and in the end I’ll get the girl

I’ve missed it, so twisted
and unsurpassed in my head
This sense of power has awakened in me
I feel I could take on the world a day like this,
my rage is brewing like a storm

and now the storm has grown out of control
right here, the voice of anger taking tone
‘cause now the fire in our hearts explode
baby, let’s blow this joint and build our own

Sometimes you just need to
level everything with the ground
to make room for all the things
you wanted, somehow

And I have known it all along,
the day is coming
when you will reap your evil ways