Saturate tracks


1. ON THE B.O.T.A.

Lost, a lion came and said :
"Come, on the brink of the abyss"
Watch my feet
swinging in the great empty one
Babel d'escaliers et d'arcades
c'etait un palais infini
No one else is able now to play
with the answers
And I open, my mind is so clear
There's a door in the wall of time...


Every Step you take is to the end
Chaos, duplicate the human slaves
Mother Nature so far away : Why?
Perfect is the race you dream

Right now, I make my choice
Perfection you fake is not
The soul, not a genetic code
You fools, you ignoramuses

Hatchery, the newborn to celebrate
Ashes to ashes, I see respect in the dust
Life is so perfect

Now for the weak an abortion
Celebrate perfection that grows
The flesh, a gift of science
The soul a fault of a god

Life on its way to the state of fire
From the cold taste of steel
Light embraces the dark, lava flowing free
And the cradle is...
Forgot the reasons why - We all lie so pale
On the playground of cold
Mother Nature is at saturation point
And the cradle is falling down...


Your words are so cold to me
Indisposed, don't hear your orders
Destroy the greatness of soul
Normalize what's in your hands

Take a look from the future
Get up from your dream and see
Deliverance soon is coming
For those who know
I take a sword in my hand now
I fight & kill Thanatos
Feel the ground under your feet
The roots so deep

Every step I chose to make
was just a kind of torture
I changed my ways
Now positive the fear became

Can't control my arms
Emergy too strong, I feel
Hypnotize myself, Blood boils inside

For those who know, I want to be
As clear, as real, as I protect
Nothingness is all around
I hate the taste of your words

Every step I chose to make
Was just a kind of torture
I changed my ways
Now positive the fear became

I hate the taste of my lost illusions
I choose to live for the only
Reasons I felt on the ground
I want to try