Pig Destroyer

Terrifyer tracks


1. Intro

2. Pretty In Casts

maybe she'll snap her wrists doing cartwheels or her ankle dancing drunken
at some rave maybe she'll go through a windshield and have twinkling bits of
glass stuck in her face she's so pretty in her casts damaged so perfectly
she's so pretty in her casts the prettiest thing I've ever seen I only get
to hold her when she's injured I only get to kiss her where she's sore

3. Boy Constrictor

dopesick for your sympathy I'm a cold slithering monster haunting your holy
footsteps forever sweetheart blacken my eyes they'll still shimmer like
assassin knives cut my lips off see the lacerations grin I'm a student of
obsession you taught me everything I know

4. Scarlet Hourglass

she rolls out of bed with the blankets wrapped around her dragging like the
virgin's wedding gown there's a scarlet hourglass at the base of her spine
four arms offer caresses four arms brandish knives her tongue twirls in her
mouth spinning webs of lies

5. Thumbsucker

my eyes have changed color some sick yellow that I've never seen my stomach
is knotted with hunger for the taste of sex obscene she whispers such sweet
death threats in my daydreams so punish me for weakness blame me for
everything I don't like the suffering I like the sympathy it brings

6. Gravedancer

in this two bedroom tomb I'm sitting all alone with the television static
and refrigerator drone I'm waiting for those blessed arms that seem to wrap
around me six or seven times praying for the to come home I could cut myself
to pass the time haven't felt anything in days a six year old girl dances on
my ceiling she might as well be dancing on my grave

7. Lost Cause

someday I'll find a way to win her over she knows it's me calling again I
can feel her rolling her eyes these words I used to scream from the rooftops
they just fall like ash from my tongue

8. Sourheart

with trembling fingers I trace her jawline such a geometric mystery of
celestial design her fragile lips for delicate grins to spite the sour heart
within I count the freckles on her shoulders I taste confection 'tween her

9. Towering Flesh

she frolics through the rain whispering love insane her kisses exit through
heart-shaped exit wounds her skin like flesh of angels her blood my catholic
wine it moves slowly through me disintegrates my spine she's got heroin
embraces that I still need to be in I force myself to loathe her so I can
fall for her again her lips are wet with venom her posture's serpentine
she'll touch my arm and flowers grow their poisonous and obscene all her
shrugged little movements an d their despotic majesty in the midst of such
perfection I can't help but feel diseased

10. Song of Filth

like ss regalia on your skeletal frame a forked tongue French kiss from
three feet away we hold each other like hostages one last time as the vipers
spiral down your leg then spiral up mine

11. Verminess

when she touches me it's like a rodent sifting through garbage but it's
better than just rotting away when she kisses me her lips are like chalk
beneath empty socket eyes compassion takes too much effort I suppose the
dead honeybees suckle withered flowers 'cause they don't know what else to

12. Torture Ballad

the tape across your mouth says more than your words ever could you're
squirming and screaming as I tease your eyes with glowing needles crawl slug
drag your shattered legs behind I know no matter how much I hurt you she'll
always love you more than me but all of this isn't for the sake of her love
it's for the sake of my jealousy

13. Restraining Order Blues

The bullet hole looks so right in your head like it'd been missing all along
the blood streaked across your face like some twisted lover's deformed
lipstick trace staring at your reflection wondering how you're still alive
wondering if she's somewhere laughing deciding whether to let you die

14. Carrion Fairy

yesterday she showed me her bruises pulled her sweater up underneath her
breasts they were scattered 'cross her rib cage like a little patch of
violet rorshach tests she said just 'cause I can't crawl inside you that
doesn't mean I'm not your parasite she used to be so radiant so sexy when
she laughed now her eyes look like gravesites as she speaks in epitaphs

15. Downpour Girl

half asleep in an open grave I'm gazing into the sky carving her shape in
the dark clouds I want her to drown me in her poison I thought she was
sewing up my wounds but she was really planting tumors inside

16. Soft Assassin

your heart looks delicious she says licking her lips as her kamikaze fists
crash into floating ribs I stare at you the way you stare at your mirror so
please show me no mercy don't be a soft assassin I scream though I'm
laughing inside I know you can't destroy me but you're adorable when you try

17. Dead Carnations

Buildings collapse in the distance behind you but I'm hypnotized by your
quivering voice your fluttering eyes that I don't see them fall they could
crack open all the cages set every demon free send a bullet screaming to the
president's head crack it open for everyone to see I'm dead to this world so
bury me deep in your arms tonight

18. Crippled Horses

push my fingers past her ear watch them disappear into her brown hair I wish
the rest of me could go with them her bedroom is quiet but my heart screams
a horrifying sound like a hundred crippled horses lying crumpled on the
ground begging for a rifle to come and put them down

19. The Gentleman

I can swallow secrets and spit up blackmail saccharine words and plastic
charm can dazzle for a short time I just want to help you in my own selfish
way I will bow my head and kiss your hand wishing I could snap every finger

20. Crawl Of Time

I can feel the glacial crawl of time like a dull razor carving up my face I
can feel the last drops of youth lingering inside I write another love
letter to another heartless girl

21. Terrifyer

These strange thorned vines spring from the ground they wind around me as
they bind me down she moves across the rosegarden suspended in a dark cloud
of flies her toes drag the tops of the flowers and leave them blackened and
shriveled in her wake her hands dangle from thin strings of skin her
forearms they're like gun barrels smoking crimson