Cryptik Howling

Them tracks



I am as a beast of prey, I do need to feed
Upon the one they demand me to keep, I crave,
I am their feast, as they crave for my fears to feed
I cannot stop, I stand, a step before the grave

Erase your beliefs, your desires, be a blaze
See, this state between life and death leads you astray
Fear my eyes, be overwhelmed, for it is their gaze
Through me, force fed they watch you wither, waste away

Passion is nothing, let fear fill you, fail for me
Then they'll stop their shouting at me, then you shall laud,
Since I am, I rule, since all that remains is me
Then you shall call me as if I became your God

Knew you not the pain, the bane of being sullied?
The feeling of being opened while you're still alive
Can't you hear? They are now all over, they do heed
I abide by them though I do hope you'll survive

I fell for you, set you free, yet you held silent
You fell for me; I was your saviour from being
Whining your weakening murmurs, vibrant, pleasant
They're gone now, until I starve anew, I'm grieving


Ghost's harassing embrace, fear this oppressing glance
Carrying my final sight, I stand to the scythe
Sin becomes penitence, fire consumes, ashes
Devouring, passion becoming aversion

Beloved, I hate you so much, anger liberates
A rising storm of remorse forms, as mourns did crush
My sanity, narrowed, cornered, I've been blinkered
To one final solution, slaughter for treason

I'll stab you, embrace you, curse you, kiss you; beat you
I'll rip out your eyes so you'll see as I do feel
Darkness, not from the absence of light, from my heart
From the bottomless pit of my reason's remains

I'll scream and cry upon your bloody half dead corpse
I'll yell upon all hells below, "what I have done?"
Rumbling your last words you'll pray, you'll say you love me
Satisfied I'll finish you, fuck you, goodbye, die!

Ghosts harassing again, "what have you done to me?"
Devoured, aversion becoming obsession
Claiming another fire, pledges and shackles
Greet my sins, they are love and hate and all between


They came, compelled and enlightened my will to kill
They came inside, forced in dictated rituals
These dreams, they drowned me in seas of uncertainties
Their murmuring, mesmerized my unsound mind, seized

What if I'm just a pulse within an empty shell?
What if my purpose, my powers, were to possess?
What if bliss's blessings could spread only through pain?
What is liturgy, if not the wholeness of me?

Ingraining within, pulsating, binding me through
It's slow rooting in, it's held over my being
My love for lives, for sacrifices is pleasing
I'm not myself now and I'm looking to find you

Arouse me my muses, cry for me; bleed for me
Your agony inspire me notes so lovely
Let loose to compose my mellifluous rapture
Whence stem the climax of my will, my soul's scripture

They are you and I am them hence we all are one
In a symbiosis of spells, spirits and corpses
Blood mixes my cum as I cut you, cut myself
Blood tied, lied down, my semen flows through and on you


So sweet are the razors in my skin, I'm trembling
Shivers of relief are covering my whole self
So sweet, as I pierce through, as I slit through my flesh
Their affliction upon me slowly wane away

Pain, a pleasure, it measures my insanity
Still, it fades, ensues their voices again, again
Their twisted fingers slash, my senses do fail, cede
Silence cease, their voices resound like shattered glass

Self inflicted scarification, redemption
Tearing my skin by pieces, then maybe they'll leave?
Suffering is my solace, purification
Self inflict scarification, a sigh I grieve

Blood beads of the incisions, slowly draining me
Life fades, sweetness is gone, the scythe comes, it is thus
Her face, angels weeping, I heed all my folly
Bitter, it is thus, as I become one of us

Self inflict scarification, our temptation
Tear your skin by limbs; then maybe I'll be leaving
Suffer, is it your solace, my retribution?
As you succumb, self inflict scarification


Stench pleases your nostrils, you drool over it, true!
Your fattened belly bursting in orange vomit
Earth will spit what you fed it, force fed from your shit
You know the truth, that scum is yours, there's no issue

Take off your masks, your dark figure, embrace your filth
The truth you despise, know so well, behind the trees
The fountain of Aldermac permeates, foresees
Let its poison fill you, let its truth serum act

Utopia's pillars weakened by witting blindness
Lethargic prayers at the edge of the abyss
Will take you a step ahead, whisper you the knell
Know your bloat won't break the descent, see you in hell!


They command, they consume, they crush all in one glance
Tamed ignorance gives me nausea, then I spit
An unending hunger, filled till I vomit it
Manners meaning nothing,
naughty mores wasted through stance

I deplore the faith for the masked sandmen of God
Aware of the self-confined realm they created
I abhor the invisible, but not the blood
Being bounded by death, that, I never doubted

Subconscious used and abused in the paved wastelands
Serving as goods and as words and swords of Damocles
Immortal image impelled and constantly stands
Blacker than void, deeper than seas, greater than God

Mind-numbing knowledge spread en masse,
the starving mob
Man-made comfort satisfy wasted intellect
Instinct repression, patterns, ethics so macabre
Wondering who governs the untaught and the wrecked


Boredom breeds my despair, lovely stench in the air
Awfully dismal may be one's own removal
Yearning for a change, my suicide's engaged
The trigger awaits, I am its fool human bait

Pull! It's already too late, hold! Ill lives still wait
Breathless, motionless, I'm left with nothing, alone
Bitterness, sadness, nothing else but this bullet
Pull! One more statistic, encourage death's addicts

Frozen in my feelings, only my passion's killed
By millions of minions roaming inside my mind
Vile voices of vermin eviscerates my will
I'm the parasite of life, she's making me ill

Life's held by my finger, pull the fucking trigger!
No way! No way out! I cry out, blank out... die out!
I glimpse at my anger, yet I knew my failure
The curtain is drawn just for me to be brought down!


They are handling the imperfect in yearning for perfection.

In death, the imperfect cannot be handled anymore.

Thus, death becomes an ideal
as well as a symbol of perfection.

Death becomes flawless!