Unfathomable Ruination

Unfathomable Ruination tracks



Far beyond the firmament lifeless
Clusters of matter gravitate the course of oblivion
Unconsciously awaiting the upset of equilibrium
Forces greater than this shelter, shape its very fate
A cyclical course proceeding through banality,
Providing the cause for cataclysmic certainty
Guided by laws indifferent to benevolence,
Imprisoned by that which summons our demise
Instants of past encounters
Left imprints of absolute devastation:
Vast voids, symbolic of the impulsive extinction
Of entire species
Moments of tumultuous ravage,
The unmitigated abolition of being
Rendering Gaia disfigured and distorted,
Renewed through imperviousness in forceful extermination
Awaiting a new era of ill-fated progression,
The echoes of universal futility


Devastation abound in a swarthing flourish of motion
Obscuring the horizon
Rapidly encircling and imprisoning
That which peacefully rested
Calculating the severity of abrupt
And indiscriminate annihilation
A grievous, genocidal,
Altogether heinous display of ferocity
In an act of utter disregard
And ultimate indifference to humanity
A potent force of unfathomable ruination looms,
Uncompromising and unstoppable
A monumental suffocation of all life with thunderous impact,
The overwhelming shroud of annihilation permeates all refuge
Tearing violently at the organs of sustainability,
Flooding the lungs of habitation
In a furore of malignant ravage
Leaving behind a memory torn asunder,
Fragments of history scattered in cemeterial silence


...And with the consequence of harmony's degradation
Its equilibrium scorned in surrender
Cause and effect, reversal of the order
As with beginnings,
A certainty of cessation is assumed
As the concluding chapter
The fundamental laws which determine
This existence inevitably hasten its fate
The expansion of this doomed universe
In futility is scripted
The measurement of beginning
And end is rendering time defeated
When all creation and nature returns to nothingness,
The balance re-established,
Existence not even but a memory
Stretching infinitely,
Forced into obscurity, no echo to remain
A vacuous expanse of silence,
Outgrowing the legacy of sentience
Forever extinguished
A terminal absence befalls the empyrean void
And collapses the configuration of vitality
The procession of an instant to end all chronology
The fundamental laws which determine this existence
Inevitably hasten its fate toward a point of conclusion
Forever extinguished