Voivod tracks


1. Gasmask Revival

Yeah! You'll have to wear this my friend
You'll have to throw rocks once again
Hurry up get yourselves together
Because it's for now and for the future
Hold your breath, control your fear
Remember why you're here
Everything else will go wrong
Unless this has settled down

Just keep it in mind

It's a good day to express yourself
It's a nice day to raise hell as well

That's the way I'm feeling too
You're waiting here and you don't have a clue
Beyond the fence they're watching you
And there is not much you can do
We are saying no more lies
Tear gas won't make us cry
Stand for your right and yell my son
And don't forget what they have done

No, I'm no more a good citizen?and never was

It's a good day to express yourself
It's a nice day to raise hell as well
I got hit by a rock on the head
And now I'm seeing red

2. Facing Up

Why do you wish to live in an ideal world?
Why do you think, that God will always be there?
Is it so hard to see things like they are?
Maybe one day, you'll stop living in a dream
Maybe not

Why religion, or magic or anything else?
What do you mean, love is not all we need?
Is it so hard to look at death every day?
Maybe one day, you may say this is for real
Maybe not

Facing up
Maybe not
Facing up
What if not?

So many problems of science involved
Complexity and basic principles
Observations of the empty space
Still searching for the final theory
Yeah the final theory
About our fate
The dark energy

Facing up
Maybe not
Facing up
What if not?

3. Blame Us

Science fascination
Sinful believers
Species in mutation
Sordid disorders

Our leaders missed the point
Forced to dominate and destroy
To get what people want
Cultural coded society

Secret monster machines
Evolve in our spirits
Deeper in mind, digging
To find the ultimate

Deathwatch entertainment
Predictable near-misses
Is this what people want?
One blind reflex society

On the planet, blame us,
In my time, we didn't care enough

New world lies convention
High risk policies
One speech on total power
Leading to suicide

Our leaders missed the point
Forced to dominate and destroy
It's not what people want
It's not what's called society

On the planet, blame us
In my time, we didn't care enough
In my time?

4. Real Again?

The deal is on the table
I'm happy, but scared
There is no reason why
It should be no sweat
And in the end
I'll find my way home
When I climb up the stairs
Will I be the same one?

Sick as always
This is turning insane
I'm not wasting my time
This one goes overnight

Cool as always
I do things my way
I'm not ruining my life
And this city haunts me again

If you're in, I'm in
Is this real again? Yes!

We'll keep our plan
The way it is
And if something turns bad
I hope God is next door
I am a good soldier
I'll fight until the end
You gotta be careful, full
I've got a broken hand

Broke as always
I get dough where I can
I also have bad sides
When I walk through the night

Dead as always
I'm reborn every day
I don't know what's inside
But this city haunts me again

If you're in, I'm in
Is this real again? Yes!

5. Rebel Robot

You don't decide
What's wrong, what's right
You can't define what's good, what's not
You have to hide all your feelings
Having opinions can be your worst enemy

You will respond without asking
You will perform like all of them
You will behave as predicted
Being a rebel, and it's the purgatory

What about your ego
How did it end up so low
You have been robotized

It's what you eat, it's what you wear
Look around you, it's everywhere
In every action, in every move
A vague impression, having the right to choose

What about your ego
How did it end up so low
Like a seed, it will grow
In your head, it will glow
You have been robotized

You wear the freedom while a child is working
You taste a kingdom while the trees are falling
Loud voice and clear messages
The demons are so creative

There is a little matrix in everyone

6. The Multiverse

An eternal mystery
Has been discovered
It is now reality
Never say never
I've been working hard
Down in my basement
I don't know where I am
Where I've been sent

Now if I get it right
I'm trapped in the other side

Esoteric questions
Have been answered
What really matters
Is the anti-matter

Now am I lost in time?
Or caught in the other side
In parts or whole
I'm in this hole
Will I spend my life?
Locked in the other side

The Multiverse

I've moved the time from space
Based on action
I've made only one mistake
I tried it on

If I get it right
I'm trapped in this other side
In parts or whole
I'm all alone
Am I lost in time?
Or caught in this other side
It's in my head
I might be dead
Am I losing my mind?
Locked in this other side
I am losing my mind
Forever, this other side

The Multiverse

7. I Don't Wanna Wake Up

The sun is going down
People came from everywhere
Gathering in this small universe
It is good to see you all

How do you do?

Still in this train
Here we remain
Like yesterday
We feel the same

You know, we never really had it easy
Sometimes, life is too complicated
For now, we just want to forget it
We're here in front of you
And that's what we do

Seems like the past
Will forever last
And time goes too fast

You know, we live in a hurricane
Sometimes, it's hard to stay unaffected
For now, we want to enjoy ourselves
And hear the sound of you
Yeah, that's what we do

Don't you realize
We're under, hypnotized
There is no better sight
When we look in your eyes

You know, it is good to see each other
Sometimes, we are so disconnected
Right now, between hell and heaven
We're flying above you
Yeah, that's what we do

I don't wanna wake up

8. Les Cigares Volants

We are here waiting
A few know this place
With our lens we're looking
Scrutinize the space

Flying cigars
A given name for UFOs
Flying cigars
Fire this one and watch the show

In the sky dancing
They are telling a story
Back and forward moving
An awesome scenery

Flying cigars
The coolest name for UFOs
Flying cigars
Up in the sky, anything goes

Makes me high!
Turns me on!

There are some making loops
There are some spinning 'round
There are some caught in flames
And some land on the ground

Flying cigars

Give me a ride to Mars on these flying cigars

9. Divine Sun

Diamonds in the grass
Ultra-violet rays
Frosted like the flowers
Insect comes alive

Rise! From the ground up to the grey blue sky
Yeah! Shine! Like a million pixels bursting in my eyes

Good old radiation
Passing through my skin
Stardust medication
I'm so energized

Rise! Bring up all colors in the photosphere
Yeah! Shine! Like atomic bombs blowing constantly
Yeah! Ride! Make it all the way throughout this day
Yeah! Die! Like every other star, one day you'll fade away

Cosmic coincidence

Working on the night shift
One look to the moon
Can't wait for tomorrow
Missing all your light

Rise! Give me just one chance to get out of here alive!
On the dirty windows of this factory
Yeah! Shine! Make the daily darkness go away
Yeah! Die! But not before I've lived, but not before I fade

10. Reactor

Restricted area
The danger zone
Top secret formula
A power load
The pressure rises
And gets too high

The wheels are rolling
At the speed of sound
The time is coming
To shake the ground

No failure at this point
The core survived
Transfer, recalibrate, and modify
Another test
Are we all set?

The wheels are rolling
You hear that sound
Something's burning
Down in the ground

Alarm lights
Blinking up
On and off
Crazy stuff
Control room
Leaking pool
Pump the fuel
What a mess
Safety suits
Out of luck
Hurry up

We cannot stop this thing
Now it's too late
I must say from now on
No one is safe
Abandon site
Run for your life

The wheels are rolling
Explosion sounds
The time is coming
To leave this town

Can't shut down
Crews are dead
Steam blows up
At the top
A problem here
A failure there
And all the plant
Is melting down

As you see
Things can be
So quickly
Very ugly

11. Invisible Planet

Let me out, let me out
I still have that tube in my mouth
This space coffin is now too small
The no gravity made me too tall
I'm so dirty, plants grow on me
And in this bright light, I cannot see
I need a coffee, or maybe a beer
I've been sleeping for hundreds of years

We're on our way to the very end of the universe
We'll be the future heroes and the very first
But nobody will be waiting when we come back

Something's wrong, something's wrong
Motherboard says there's something wrong
I'm wondering what could it be this time
We might have left something behind
This mission is really out of control
Black holes and death feed my soul

We are attracted by an incredible force
We're talking speeds that have never been achieved before
We are about to disappear in an endless course
And nobody can help us here, soon we'll be gone

Gamma ray
Still OK
Visual contact
In two seconds

What is it?
It looks like an invisible planet

Dead engine
No power
Are near at hand
The collision
Is imminent

What is it?
It looks like an invisible planet


12. Strange And Ironic

While NASA tries to read your mind
Research labs create new life
Did we really walk on the moon?
Are you still watching the news?

Strange and ironic
How trusty is this world
Strange and ironic
How we take care of the Earth

While Middle East burns and suffers
The lobby cheers and cracks in laughter

It is a shame, we're not gonna make it
Visions are behind bars
It's like an illness or a disease
It's like we're made for war

Strange and ironic
How we believe in God
Strange and ironic
Since everything's a fraud

While markets trade human parts
We ask ourselves if science is art

It is a shame, we're not gonna make it
Because it is out of our hands
It is out of reach, out of proportions
And soon will come to an end
All I wanted was to disappear

Do or die!

It is a shame, we're not gonna make it
Everything you know is wrong
A race for knowledge, a quest for power
So who is number one?
All I wanted was to disappear

13. We Carry On

So we are ready for more adventures
No crystal ball to see the future
Driven by a need to create
On every mile we ride our fate

In my heart
In my soul
In my blood
In my bones

It really does make you feel strong
Like you would be forever young
Day after day sharing and giving
Reinventing the ways of thinking

In my heart
In my soul
In my blood
In my bones
In my hands
On my face
In my eyes
Here's my rage

This is our time
This is our song
This is our lives
We carry on

No need to say, it's far from pure
Once you've touched it, there is no cure
We ride our way throughout the sun
We just got here, and now we're gone

In my dreams
In my hope
In my fear
In my goals
In the sky
All around
In the light

This is our time
This is our song
This is our lives
We carry on