12 Stones

12 Stones
Paul McCoy (Vocals [since 2000]), Will Reed (Bass, Back Vocals [since 2012]), Greg Trammell (Guitar [2004-2007] [since 2012]), Aaron Gainer (Drums, Back Vocals, Percussions [2000-2010] [since 2012]), Eric Weaver (Guitar, Back Vocals [since 2000]), Mike McManus (Drums, Back Vocals, Percussions [2010-2011]), Stephen Poff (Guitar), Kevin Dorr (Bass [2000-2004] [2009-2011]), Brandon "Squirly" Werrell (Guitar live member), Cash Melville (Guitar), Aaron Hill (Bass live member), Pat Quave (Drums), Clint Amereno (Bass live member), Brad Reynolds (Bass [2011-2012]), Shawn Wade (Bass [2008-2009]), DJ Stange (Bass), Justin Rimer (Guitar [2007-2012])



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