Dream On, Dreamer

Dream On, Dreamer
Marcel Gadacz (Vocals [since 2009], ex-Francis Dolarhyde, ex-State Of East London), Callan Orr (Guitar [since 2009], ex-Francis Dolarhyde), Chris Shaw (Bass [since 2014], ex-House vs Hurricane), Zachary Britt (Vocals, Guitar [since 2013]), Aaron Fiocca (Drums [since 2009], ex-Electrik Dynamite), Michael (Mcoy) McLeod (Vocals, Bass [2009-2012], ex-Arpejio, ex-Goodbye Armadale), Daniel Jungwirth (Bass, Keyboard [2009-2014], ex-Francis Dolarhyde), Scott Mac (Drums [2008]), Luke Domic (Guitar [2009-2013])



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