John Norum (Guitar, Back Vocals founder member, [1979-1987], [since 2003], ex-Dokken), Ian Haugland (Drums [since 1984], Brazzen Abbot, ex-Glenn Hughes), Mic Michaeli (Back Vocals, Keyboard [since 1984], Brazzen Abbot, ex-Glenn Hughes), Joey Tempest (Vocals, Guitar founder member, Joey Tempest), John Leven (Bass, Back Vocals [since 1981], ex-Glenn Hughes), Tony Reno (Drums founder member, [1979-1984]), Peter Olsson (Bass founder member, [1979-1981], Power, Force), Kee Marcello (Guitar [1986-1992], K2), Marcel Jacob (Bass ex-Yngwie Malmsteen, ex-Talisman, died 21/07/2009 (suicide))



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