220 Volt

220 Volt
Peter Hallgren (Bass [since 2014] live member, Sorcerer), Mats Karlsson (Guitar [1979-1990] [since 2002], Solar Moon, The Summit, ex-Cygnus, ex-Factory, ex-Inferno, ex-Skrock), Anders Engberg (Vocals [since 2013], Section A, Sorcerer, ex-Dreams Fall, ex-Twilight (DK), ex-Book of Reflections, ex-Lion's Share), Thomas Drevin (Guitar [1979-1984] [since 2002], Solar Moon, ex-Inzight, ex-Empire), Peter Hermasson (Drums [1982-1990] [2002-2008] [since 2013], Zoom Club, ex-John Norum Band, ex-Talisman), Per Englund (Vocals [1990-1992], Blacksmith, Free from Sin, ex-Dedication, ex-Garbo, ex-Mandrake Root, ex-Motherlode, ex-Voltergeist), Björn Höglund (Drums [2002] live memeber, Hoven Droven, Marmeladorkestern, The Summit, ex-Easy Action), Pelle Hansson (Drums [1979-1982]), Tommy Hellström (Bass [1979-1980]), Joachim Lundholm (Vocals [1983-1990], Mugabe, Kraftztoff), Christer "Frille Åsell" Nääs (Vocals [1979-1983] [2002-2008], ex-Donnerblitz, ex-Inzight, ex-Empire, ex-Magic), Peter Olander (Guitar [1984-1992], ex-Admit), Mickael "Larsson" Krusenberg (Bass [1980-1992] [2002-2013])

Formed in 1979 in Ă–stersund Sweden by Thomas Drevin and Mats Karlsson.

2014 sees the band releasing a brand new album "Walking In Starlight".

Swedish Hard Rock/Metal

Swedish Hardrock/Metal


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