25 Ta Life

25 Ta Life
Rick Healey (Vocals Comin' Correct), Petey Pabblo (Drums), J Skams NWR (Drums), Rob Rosario (Guitar ex-Madball, Merauder, Asphyxiation, Dmize), Steve Pettit (Guitar Everybody Gets Hurt, Dmize), Frank Smarra (Bass), Fred Mesk (Guitar), Warren Lee (Bass), Seth Meyer (Drums One 4 One, Fat Nuts, Hell Brigade, Beyond Evil, Homicidal), Beto (Guitar Dmize, ex-Madball), Dave Urban (Bass Faction Zero, Stereomud), Mike Heinzer (Bass One 4 One, Nastasse), Harry Minas (Drums Cold Front, Ocean Of Mercy), Ezra Vanbuskirk (Guitar Lowlife), Chumley Porter (Bass D.R.I.)



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