Fjalar den Horrible (Guitar, Drums [since 2000], Nepharitus, ex-Framtyr), Isar (Vocals [since 2013]), Erkblerk den Förskräcklige (Back Vocals [2000-2006]), Mordechai von Renvaktar (Vocals [2007-2011], Disruption (SWE), ex-Spawn Of Possession), C.Ashuck von Renvaktar (Bass [2006-2011], Nepharitus), Tjänstgöring (Guitar [2000-2003]), T. Carlsson (Guitar [2006-2011], live member, ex-Visceral Bleeding, ex-Nepharitus), Morg (Guitar [2009-2011])

Må Det Aldrig Töa - 2005 Ljusets Förfall - 2006 Köldens Union - 2007 (Sol Invictus Recordings) (War Anthem Records) Blekinge - 2010 (Metal Blade Records) .

More and more followers now swear allegiance to winter and join the battle to once and for all erase the burning star and bring forth the Absolute Zero. / Tjaele Ichskald

Absolute Zero and eternal winter!


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