Kevin Rendleman (Drums Cloud Burial), Zachary Livingston (Bass We The Prey), Timothy Mead (Drums, Back Vocals, Keyboard, Percussions Subsist, We The Prey), Christopher Bennett (Vocals, Guitar Subsist, Cloud Burial, Lark's Tongue), Aaron Austin (Guitar Ghosts Of Old Giants, Cloud Burial, We The Prey), Ryan Thomas (Drums The Serpent Son, Mu, Burning Love Letters, Ghost Of Old Giants, As Blood Runs Black, We The Prey), Sanford Parker (Vocals, Guitar Buried At Sea, Twilight, Corrections House, Nachtmystium, Behold! The Living Corpse, Circle Of Animals, Missing, Mirrors For Psychic Warfare), Tony Wyioming (Drums Nate Hall)

From the fortress to the river, arisen Over plains and mountains To the redwoods, the the ocean, ENDURE. Through turmoil and turbulence Distance and time For the wounded, recover, OVERCOME. Still waters deceive Enlisted, we dance The fire burns, but hidden. The promised land of prophecy was purgatory too. We convulsed and beat the earth Now the work and the world become one. Renewed over myth, we forget what we know Reborn, and grateful for the scars of battle Sound the alarm, this city of truth to discover. All rise, let us tremble For the day is nigh at hand We shall CARRY ON (written by Jonathan Wright, a true friend and a brother on the path) Minsk has been cultivating sonic exploration and alchemical outpourings since 2002. www.thesoundofminsk.com.

New album, "The Crash & The Draw" out now, via Relapse Records: http://bit.ly/MinskCrash


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