Dave Callier (Guitar Oath Of Cruelty, P.L.F, ex-Creative Waste), Tomas Stench (Vocals), Matt Mayhem (Drums Blaspherian, Oath Of Cruelty, ex-Termination Force, ex-Owl Witch, ex-Cronophage), Joe Necro (Bass Blaspherian, Sacrocurse, ex-Termination Force, ex-Crusher), Francisco Pulido (Bass HRA, Hypo Christians, ex-Sacrilegious Torment, ex-Thy Feeble Saviour, ex-Oath Of Cruelty), Vik Tormentor (Guitar Satanik Goat Ritual, Molestator, ex-Embalmed), The Evil Onit (Bass Satanik Goat Ritual, Molestator, ex-Obeisance, ex-Gnostic), Jose Luis (Guitar Sol Negro, Blood Soaked (MEX), ex-Anarchus (MEX), ex-In Memorium (USA)), Chivo Devastador (aka Goat Destroyer) (Drums (RIP), Raped God 666), Plaga Negra (Drums live member), Goat (Drums), Bestial Saviour (Guitar live member, Blasphemy (CAN), Necroholocaust (CAN)), Grimlord (Guitar live member), Destruidor (Drums session member), Peyote (Bass), Cadaver (Guitar, Bass), Muerte (Guitar), S. Terror (Drums Satanik Goat Ritual, Molestator), Yegros (Drums), Zolrak (Guitar Nodens (USA)), Cuaxo (Bass), Chip N' Death (Guitar), Raul Varela (Drums Impaled (USA), Ghoul (USA))



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