Northern Kings

Northern Kings
Tony Kakko (Vocals Sonata Arctica, Nuclear Blast All-Stars, ex-Apocalytica, ex-Tricky Beans), Marco Hietala (Vocals Tarot, Nightwish, Nuclear Blast All-Stars, ex-Sinergy), Jarkko Ahola (Vocals Teräsbetoni), Juha-Pekka Leppäluoto (Vocals Charon), Erkki Silvennoinen (Bass session member), Anssi Nykanen (Drums, Percussions session member), Sami Osala (Drums, Percussions session member), Mirka Rantanen (Drums session member), Erkka Korhonen (Guitar session member, Ari Koivunen), Vili Ollila (Keyboard, Programming, Piano session member)



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