Arturo Saldana (Drums), Alien Morbidfeast (Guitar Terrorist, Infestation Of Evil), Martin Von Fa Q (Vocals, Bass), The Evil Onit (Guitar Mole stator, Satanik Goat Ritual, Pyre (USA), ex-Morbosidad), Julio "Kalvator" Viterbo (Guitar, Bass The Chasm, Incantation, ex-Cenotaph (MEX)), D. Krazy (Drums), Antonio "Blackness The Dark One" Leon (Drums The Chasm, Ancient Gods, The Suffering (MEX), Hellnomorf), Daniel "Shuvaka" Corchado (Guitar The Chasm, ex-Shub Niggurath, ex-Cenotaph (MEX), ex-Damned Cross), Marcos "Megiddo Blood Glutton" Arredondo (Drums)



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