Sacrilegium (PL)

Sacrilegium (PL)
Suclagus (Guitar, Bass), Armeus (Drums), Aleksandra (Keyboard), Nantur Astharon (Vocals), Thoarinus (Drums), Zaala (Drums)

Sacrilegium was formed in early 1993 and Nantur (vocals) and Suclagus (Composer, guitar, key and vocal...) have remained the core of the band throughout the years.

Sacrilegium’s first demo “Sleeptime” came out in 1994, released by Pagan Records in Poland and Wild Rags Records in the United States. It was followed by full-length album “Wicher” in 1996, again released under the wings of Pagan Records.

The same year saw the release of ”Jesienne szepty” – a split with North, released by Black Arts. In 1998 came another demo - ”Recidivus”.

The next year Sacrilegium reappeared with a new line up to play several concerts. They recorded a new demo ”Embrace the Darkness”, only to split up in 2000. Thirteen years later Suclagus arranged complytly band with Nantur, to record new album "Anima Lucifera" and crossed again.

Band has reemerged with a line up dispersed across Europe. "Anima..." was released by Pagan Records and promouted by "left hand sounds" in Gdańsk, after that concert, band was invitedand to Bolków on Castle Party and in Germany on Sinister Howling V. From the beginning of 2017 Sacrilegium in the new composition Suclagus (guitar, vocals, key) Martin (guitar) Hellthorn (Bass) MG42 (drums) continue work on the new material, "Ritual" it is omen for a new album.

New Album is planed on 2018..

Band was formed in 1993 and active until to 2000. In 2016 are back with new album "Anima Lucifera". New album planed on 2018