Sanatorium (SVK)

Sanatorium (SVK)
Damian (Guitar Demonic Chorals), Gyro (Bass), Miro Rauèina (Drums Dehonest), Ondrej Kizek "Magick, Onecque" (Guitar Deflorace, ex-Glorion), Martin Belobrad (Vocals, Bass), Radodarebak (Guitar), Alky (Drums), Martin Mimi Dethar (Bass), Smetak (Drums), Dzordz (Drums), Milan (Drums), Warmo (Guitar), Prasiak (Vocals), Bazo (Drums)

SANATORIUM is European death metal band.

Started back in 1994, it is already more than 11 years of spreading sickness and brutality. Sanatorium recorded 3 demos (Subculture-1005, Autumn Shadows-1996, Necrologue-1998) and debut album "Arrival of the forgotten ones" - 1999 in more melodic way of death metal.

After those recordings Sanatorium changed line-up drastically and musick as well... more brutal, more gore, more sick!!! Following albums are recorded in brutal death metal way: Internal womb cannibalism-2001 Goresoaked reincarnation-2004 Fetus rape MCD-2003 Celebration of exhumation-2004.

At the moment Sanatorium supports latest album "Celebration of exhumation" with intensive live actions, touring in Europe a lot and plays various festivals!!! Keep it fucking brutal!!! .