Savage Grace (USA-2)

Savage Grace (USA-2)
Christian Logue (Vocals [since 1981], founder member), Kalli (Guitar, Back Vocals [since 2010]), Roger Dequis (Guitar, Back Vocals [since 2010]), Mario Long (Bass [since 2010]), Neudi (Drums [since 2010]), Derek Peace (Bass [1987-1988], ex-Heir Apparent, ex-Dr. Unknown), Dwight Cliff (Vocals [1981-1982]), Kelly Rhoads (Vocals [1981]), Steve Wittig (Drums [1981], ex-Omen), Marshall Lee Dickerson (Drums), Mark "Chase" Marshall (Guitar [1985-1988], ex-Agent Steel), Mike Branning (Bass), Kenny Powell (Guitar [1981-1983], Omen, ex-Step Child), John Birk (Vocals [1982-1983]), Dan Finch III (Drums [1981-1986]), Mike Smith (Vocals [1985]), Mark Marcum (Drums [1986-1988]), Brian East (aka The Beast) (Bass [1981-1986], founder member), Gene Chapman (Guitar)



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