Jonathan Chu (Violin [since 2008], live member), Tate Olsen (Cello [since 2008], live member), Scotty Rock (Bass [since 2009], live member), Jennifer Carole Ledger (Vocals, Drums [since 2008]), Seth Morrison (Guitar [since 2011], ex-3PO, ex-Justifide, ex-Everlasting Fire, ex-Haley McGuire, ex-Our Heart's Hero, ex-The Crabb Family, ex-Crabb Revival, ex-At the Well), John Landrum Cooper (Vocals, Bass [since 1996], ex-Seraph), Korey Cooper (Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard [since 1999]), Kevin Haaland (Guitar [1999-2001]), Chris Marvin (Guitar, Back Vocals [2002-2003] [2005-2006], live member), Ken Steorts (Guitar [1996-1999]), Benjamin Judah Kasica (Guitar [2001-2011], Skyhawk Drive, Above Only), Lori Peters (Drums, Back Vocals [2000-2007]), Trey McClurkin (Drums [1996-2000]), Billy Dawson (Guitar [2000], live member), Faith Stern (Vocals, Keyboard [2002-2003], live member), Andrea Winchell (Keyboard [2005-2006], live member)



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