Status Quo

Status Quo
Francis Rossi (Vocals, Guitar), John Edwards (aka Rhino) (Bass, Back Vocals [since 1986], Rhino's Revenge, ex-Rococo, ex-Climax Blues Band), Andrew Bown (Guitar, Back Vocals, Keyboard, Harmonica [since 1982]), Matt Letley (Drums [since 2000]), Rick Parfitt (Vocals, Guitar), Roy Lynes (Keyboard [1967-1970]), John Coghlan (Drums [1967-1982]), Pete Kircher (Drums [1982-1985], ex-Honeybus, ex-Liverpool Express, ex-Original Mirrors), Alan Lancaster (Vocals, Bass [1967-1985]), Jeff Rich (Drums [1986-2000], ex-Wildlife, ex-Stretch, ex-Champion, ex-Climax Blues Band)



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