Terror (USA-2)

Terror (USA-2)
Chris Dora (Drums All That Is Evil, Decrepit, Soulless (USA), The Spawn of Satan, Dead of Night (USA), Ringworm, Bloodsick, Incantation, Mutilation (USA)), John "JJ" Sekula (Guitar Mushroomhead, State of Conviction), Brian Sekula (Vocals, Guitar Bloodsick, Escalation Anger, Nunslaughter, Mortician (USA), Funeral Pyre (USA), Witchery (USA), 110 Watts), Duane Morris (Bass Dead of Night (USA), Decrepit, Embalmer (USA), From The Depths, Funeral Pyre (USA), Incantation, Manticore (USA), Mutilation (USA), Nunslaughter), Eric Birris (Drums Paralyser), Deadly Dave (Drums), Rich Ferjanic (Drums Stagnated, In Cold Blood, Run Devil Run), Randy Scott (Bass Blood Of Christ (USA), Incantation, Dead Of Night (USA), Stagnated, Mutilation (USA)), Toby Wolff (Bass Embalmer (USA)), Craig Martini (Bass), Joe Cox (Bass), Mark Sherman (Guitar), Vic Novak (Drums Mortician (USA), Funeral Pyre (USA)), Frank Cirino (Bass Lowdead), Steve Mudrick (Drums Lowdead), Kris Dugan (Drums Amon-Ra, Throttle O.H., The Silhouette, Ground Zero (USA)), Russ Meo (Bass), Mark Jones (Vocals)



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