The Word Alive

The Word Alive
Daniel Shapiro (Bass [since 2011], ex-Sharks Never Sleep), Luke Holland (Drums [since 2012]), Tyler "Telle" Smith (Vocals [since 2008], ex-Greeley Estates, ex-In Fear And Faith), Tony Pizutti (Guitar [since 2008], ex-Calling Of Syrens), Zack Hansen (Guitar [since 2008], ex-Calling Of Syrens), Craig Edward Mabbitt (Vocals [2008], Escape The Fate, ex-Blessthefall), Dusty Riach (Keyboard [2008-2012]), Justin Salinas (Drums [2010-2012], ex-Inked In Blood, ex-Mychildren Mybride, ex-Scars Of Tomorrow), Nick Urlacher (Bass [2008-2010]), Tony Aguilera (Drums [2008-2010])



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