Theatre Of Tragedy

Theatre Of Tragedy
Hein Frode Hansen (Drums ex-Phobia), Nell Sigland (Vocals The Crest), Raymond J. Rohonyi (Vocals, Programming), Frank Claussen (Guitar The River Knows), Lorentz Aspen (Keyboard ex-Therion), Vegard K. Thorsen (Guitar), Tommy Lindal (Guitar), Liv Kristine Espenæs (Vocals Leaves' Eyes), Eirik T. Saltrø (Bass), Tommy Olsson (Guitar Elusive, The Morendoes, The River Knows), Geir Flikkeid (Guitar), Pal Bjastad (Guitar)

The band started as doom/death, being one of the pioneers of the genre.

After two albums they switched their style to atmospheric gothic metal on "Aégis". Starting with "Musique" they took on a more industrial sound leaving behind their old image, and switching their old gothic themed lyrics with modern lyrics, about urban life and technology.

With the release of storm and forever is the world they have returned to a gothic metal sound Nell did guest vocals on Dark Tranquillity's "Fiction". Birth dates: Raymond István Rohonyi (20th July 1975, Stavanger, Norway) Frank Claussen (19th March 1976, Stavanger, Norway) Vegard K. Thorsen (29th March 1977, Stavanger, Norway) Lorentz Aspen (23rd April 1978, Stavanger, Norway) Hein Frode Hansen (25th March 1972, Haugesund, Norway) Liv Kristine Espenæs Krull (14th February 1976, Stavanger, Norway) Eirik Tjelta Saltrø (17th January 1975, Norway) Lyrical theme(s): Poetry, literature, beauty and darkness .