This Is Hell

This Is Hell
Rick Jimenez (Guitar [since 2004], Soldiers), Travis Reilly (Vocals [since 2004]), Pieter Vandenberg (Bass [since 2010]), Mike Sciulara (Drums [since 2011]), Chris Mazella (Guitar [since 2010]), Travis Paduano (Guitar [2004], live member), Dennis Wilson (Drums [2009], live member), Dan Bourke (Drums [2004-2009], Stray From The Path, Soldiers), Joe Osolin (Guitar [2004-2006]), Chris Reynolds (Guitar [2006-2008], Kill The Frontman, ex-Scraps And Heart Attacks), Jeff Tiu (Bass [2004-2006], Ice Age), Andrew Jones (Bass [2009-2010]), Johnny Moore (Bass [2006-2009], ex-Subterfuge, ex-Asternaut), Dennis Wilson (Drums [2009], live member)



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