Trust (FRA)

Trust (FRA)
Yves "Vivi" Brusco (Bass), Farid Medjane (Drums [1983-1988] [since 2006], ex-Ocean, ex-Stevie), Norbert A. "Nono" Krief (Guitar ex-Johnny Hallyday, ex-Goldman, ex-Transfert, ex-Lou Dee), Bernard "Bernie" Bonvoisin (Vocals ex-Daffy Dog Band, ex-Killerdrink, ex-Taxi), Ismalia "Iso" Diop (Guitar [since 2006]), Moho (Guitar [1977] [1980-1982] [1982-1983]), Sherwin Rosnan (Drums [1978]), Thibaut Abrial (Guitar [1980] [1983]), Nicko McBrain (Drums Iron Maiden, McBrain Damage Band), Omar (Drums [1977] [1979], ex-HLM Blues, ex-Paris), Kamel (Drums [1977]), Benjamin (Guitar [1983]), Kevin Morris (Drums [1980], ex-Doctor Feelgood), Ray (Bass [1977-1979]), Hervé Koster (Drums), Clive Burr (Drums died 12/03/2013 (multiple sclerosis), ex-Iron Maiden, Gogmagog (UK), ex-Samson, Desperado (USA), ex-Elixir, Stratus), Bruno ''DJ Deck'' Le Goeff (Programming), Jeannot (Drums [1977-1978] [1979-1980], ex-Papoose, ex-Boogaloo Band, ex-California, ex-FFI), Frédéric Guillemet (Bass Warning, Johnny Hallyday), John Nirox Jones (Drums [1996]), Thierry Dutru (Drums [1983], ex-Cine Palace), Eric Levy (Guitar [1982]), David Jacob (Bass [1996-2000])



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