Type O Negative

Type O Negative
Johnny Kelly (Drums, Back Vocals [1994-2010], Danzig, Kill Devil Hill, Seven Witches, Seventh Void, A Pale Horse Named Death, ex-Black Label Society), Josh Silver (Back Vocals, Keyboard [1988-2010], ex-Fallout), Kenny Hickey (Vocals, Guitar [1988-2010], Seventh Void, ex-Danzig, ex-Kingdom Of Sorrow), Petrus T. Ratajczyk (aka Peter Steele) (Vocals, Bass [1988-2010], died 14/04/2010 (heart attack), ex-Carnivore, ex-Fallout), Sal Abruscato (Drums [1988-1994], A Pale Horse Named Death, Life Of Agony, ex-Toximia)

In the early days of his band, Steele would routinely disarm the most vociferous maniac screaming “you suck” by saying “Thank you.” Reflecting on the accomplishments he’s made on Dead Again, Steele has a slightly different defense.

“I’d still have to agree with those people,” he says calmly. “Only now, we suck better.”.

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