H (Drums ex-Die Hard), Pelle Forsberg (Guitar), Alvaro Lillo (Bass live member, Undercroft, Hostile Reaction, Execrator (CHL)), Erik Danielsson (Vocals, Bass Armagedda, Fucking Funeral, Bloodsoil, ex-Dissection (SWE)), Set Teitan (Guitar live member, Bloodline (SWE), Spiritual Ceremony, ex-Dissection (SWE), ex-Aborym), Tore Stjärna (aka Necromorbus) (Bass session member, Chaos Omen, Nex (SWE), Zavorash, ex-Blackwitch, ex-Corpus Christii, ex-Funeral Mist, ex-Ofermod, ex-Into Desolation, ex-In Aeternum), John Doe (Guitar live member, Craft, Shining (SWE), Twin Earth), C. Blom (Guitar [1998-2000]), Whorth (Bass Mörk Of Malign, Werewolf (SWE))


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