While Heaven Wept

While Heaven Wept
Rain Irving (Vocals, Back Vocals Altura , Every Waking Hour , Nailed , Tattered Salvation , Seventh Gate), Trevor Schrotz (Drums Fell On Within), Jim Hunter (Bass October 31, Revelation (USA), Twisted Tower Dire), Scott Loose (Guitar Brave (USA), Human Theory, Fell On Within, As The Sea Parts), Tom Phillips (Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard ex-Brave (USA), Solstice (UK), ex-Twisted Tower Dire), Michelle Schrotz (Back Vocals, Keyboard Brave), Jason Lingle (Keyboard), Jason Gray (Drums Forty Days Longing), Kevin Hufnagel (Guitar Dysrhythmia, Byla), Jim Murad (Bass Twisted Tower Dire), Brendan Galvan (Vocals), Scott Waldrop (Guitar Twisted Tower Dire), Michelle Loose (Keyboard Brave (USA)), Louis Hatzimichalis (Vocals)

While Heaven Wept: The Timeline : 1989 Founders: Tom Phillips, Chris Galvan Key Members: Tom Phillips (g), Chris Galvan (g), Brendan "Ber" Galvan (v), various drummers auditioned Existing Songs: The Mourning (rec.1994, rel.1994, 1997, and 2001) Recordings: None Significant Events: Formation Nov.

1989, songwriting process begins immediately 1990-1992 Key Members: Tom Phillips (g), Jim Chappell (d), Ber Galvan (v), Chad Peevy (b), James Whorton (d), Jason Stone (b), Kenny Thomas (g,v) Existing Songs: Spectral Exile (not rec.), Woman Of Shadows (not rec.), Night Unbroken (not rec.), Bound By Depression (not rec.), Dying (not rec.),Shores Of Desolation (rec. 1994, rel.

1994, 2001), Into The Wells Of Sorrow (rec. 1994 and 1997, rel.

1994, 1998, 1999 and 2001), In Aeturnum (rec. 1994 and 2001, rel.

1994,1995, 2003-2005). La Mort DAmour (rec.

1994 and 1997, rel. 1994,1995, 1998, and 2001) Recordings: Rehearsal recordings Significant Events: Co-founder Chris Galvan departs, While Heaven Wept namesake insurrected 1991 after several monikers, various line-up changes 1993-1997 Key Members: Tom Phillips (g,v,k), Jon Paquin (d), (Gabe Funston) (b), Kevin Hufnagel (g), Daniel Ingerson (b), Scott Loose (g) Existing Songs: Sorrow Of The Angels (rec.

1994, rel. 1994, 1995, and 2001), On Earth It Is Done (rec.

1994), Sailing Within (rec. 1994), Lost In Retrospect (rec.

1994), This Tower Fallen (not rec.), Under Darkened Wings (not rec.), To Grieve Forever (rec. 1994), September (rec.

1997, rel. 1998, 2001), Thus With A Kiss I Die (rec.

1997, rel. 1998 and 2001), Unplenitude (rec.

1997, rel. 2001), Cantique De Jean Racine (rec.

1997), Of Empires Forlorn (rec. 2001, rel.

2003-2005) Recordings: Rehearsal recordings, Scenecubator comp. (Open Eye Records, 1994), Into The Wells Of Sorrow 7 (Open Eye Records, 1994), Lovesongs Of The Forsaken demo CS (self-released, 1994), Lovesongs Of The Forsaken MCD, (Sinistrari Records, 1995), Funeral Aspects comp.

(Private release UK, 1995), Time Brings Only Sadness comp. (Private release UK, 1995), While Heaven Wept/Cold Mourning split 7 (Game Two Records, 1997).

Significant Events: First professional recordings and releases, first live appearances, various line-up changes 1998-2004 Key Members: Tom Phillips (g,v,k), Jon Paquin (d), Jim Murad (b), Scott Waldrop (g), Jim Hunter (b), Scott Loose (g), Michelle Loose (k), Trevor Schrotz (d), Phil Bloxam (d), Jason Gray (d), Jake Bodnar (k) Existing Songs: The Drowning Years (rec. 2001, rel.

2003-2005), Soulsadness (rec. 2001, rel.

2003-2005) Voice In The Wind (rec. 2001, rel.

2003-2005), Epistle No. 81 (rec.

2001, rel. 2003-2005), The Furthest Shore (rec.

2005, rel. 2009), Vast Oceans Lachrymose (rec.

2003, 2005, rel. 2009) Recordings: Rehearsal Recordings, Demos, Sorrow Of The Angels (Eibon Records, 1998), At The Mountains Of Madness comp.

(The Miskatonic Foundation, 1999), Chapter One: 1989-1999 2LP Anthology (Metal Supremacy Records, 2002), The Drowning Years 7 (Maniacal Records, 2002), Knuckletracks comp. (BWBK CAN, 2003), Obscure Sombre Doom Fuzz Comp (Obscure Sombre Records CAN, 2003), Terrorized comp (Terrorizer Magazine, UK 2004), Of Empires Forlorn CD (Eibon Records 2003, Rage Of Achilles Records 2003-2004, Rock Machine Records 2005) Significant Events: Alliance with Eibon Records formed, first full-length release, various live appearances (USA), various line-up changes, signing with Rage Of Achilles Records, second full-length release, more live appearances, first European Tour, more line-up changes, Daniel Ingerson (b), Juan Somarriba (g), Angelo Tringali (g), Frederic Provoost (k) guest at select live dates 2004-2010 Key Members: Tom Phillips (g,v,k), Rain Irving (v), Jim Hunter (b), Scott Loose (g), Michelle Schrotz (k,v), Trevor Schrotz (d) Existing Songs: To Wander The Void (rec.

2005, rel. 2009), Living Sepulchre (Rec.

2005, rel. 2009), The Mourning Eterne (rec.

2005), Vessel (rec. 2005, rel.

2009), Vast Oceans Lachrymose Epilogue (rec. 2009, rel.

2009), Destroyer Of Solace, Saints In Sunken Halls, The Memory Of Bleeding, Hour Of Reprisal, Fear Of Infinity, Into Catatonia, Finality, Saturn And Sacrifice, Silence Was The Sharpest Blade, Rever En Noir Recordings: Vast Oceans Lachrymose (Cruz Del Sur Music, 2009, Maniacal Records, 2009), Triumph:Tragedy:Transcendence (Cruz Del Sur Music, 2010, High Roller Records, 2010) Significant Events: Rage Of Achilles Records folds, signing with Black Lotus, Black Lotus Records folds, signing with Cruz Del Sur Music, preparations for 4th album Fear Of Infinity begin, preparations for 20th anniversary in 2009 commence, line-up stable! (for now!) 2010-present Key Members: Tom Phillips (g,v,k), Rain Irving (v), Jim Hunter (b), Scott Loose (g), Michelle Schrotz (k,v), Trevor Schrotz (d), Jason Lingle (k,v) Existing Songs: Proselytes And Pawns, When Serpents Reign As Kings, Tonight I Die, Soulless Are The Severed, Suspended At Aphelion Recordings: The Arcane Unearthed (High Roller Records, 2011), Fear Of Infinity (Nuclear Blast Records, 2011) Significant Events: Signing with Nuclear Blast Records, European Tour with Primordial and Alcest, ProgPower USA, USA Tour with Primordial and Cormorant RELATED ARTISTS: Solstice (UK), Twisted Tower Dire, October 31, Revelation, Altura, Every Waking Hour, Arise From Thorns, Brave, Forty Days Longing, The Fifth Season (US), Grey Division Blue, Dysrhythmia, Euclid Street, Grand Belials Key, Parasitic Infestation, Cold Mourning, Whispering Gallery, Modulus, Hellion (DC), Fell On Within, Polaris, Slough Feg, Primordial, Alcest, Cormorant .

"Reciting every word of prayers unanswered, slowly I have surrendered to aphelion"